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WSOBP VII Predictions, World Series of Beer Pong 7 Recap
December 28, 2011 - Brandon Marx

WSOBP VII Predictions List | Top 16

Welcome to Pongstars.net’s WSOBP VII Predictions of the top 16 teams. With a deeper field than ever in beer pong and a talent base that is growing with every tournament this was the toughest task yet in pong prediction history. If you disagree with the choices made, let yourself be heard, and if it’s because you are not on the list feel free to prove us wrong.  To do so you will have to get past the teams listed below, and that will be a lot easier said than done.

The WSOBP VII Predictions Sweet Sixteen

Undeniable Force (T-13)

Jordan LeJeune and Seth Beglis are one of the best up and coming teams in America and have taken the pong scene by storm in the South. Often complimented on their natural talent and relentless confidence.  They embody the idea of a young, lesser known, team showing up and taking out some of the biggest names when it matters most. Sometimes having less experience on a big stage can help. It’s not beginners luck, but more so the fact that they won’t over think everything as much. They will give every game their all, and doing so, will win several.

Keep it Swimming (T-13)

One of the new powerhouse pairings coming out of the Midwest this year, Johnny Fourdyce and Kyle Larson have their eyes on the big check. Simply ask Johnny how he sees the series going and he only has one detail to share. He is winning. Johnny’s personality at the table is hard to restrain but Kyle was seemingly a match made in heaven for him. Kyle’s consistency and day 3 experience will help keep Fourdyce focused and dominant. The duo has not lost a tournament they competed in together this year and plan to start next year the same.

Seek n’ Destroy (T-13)

Ross Hampton and Matt White are consistently contending in the world series and look to make their deepest run yet in 2012. Playing better than ever, SnD plays with a certain swagger that can infect their opponents. Never in your face, or overly rude, they simply let you know that they are better and plan on smashing every cup in front of your eyes. Anchored by Mr. Hampton, Ross has been on a tear to end the season and has seemingly lost the capability of losing. He is absolutely on fire and no one will enjoy basking in the glow of his flames late day 3 more than partner Matt.

Ready to Steamroll (T-13)

One of the most unexpected an oddest pairings to join the WSOBP VII field. Ron Hamilton and Sean Foster add to the depth of the east coast army set to invade Las Vegas. Their history on the table is well documented and the oddity continues. Ron Hamilton is considered one of, if not the, best closers in the game. With three majors to his resume and a thirst for clinching last cups he is always a threat at the table. Foster on the other hand has unfortunately failed to find his stride late in tournaments, coming up just short, and dressed as a woman on an occasion. This team will travel down one of two paths, and its pretty clear that Ron will only let them go down the path towards victory.

Running Riot (T-9)

Zach Gilkison and Joey Moler do one thing at the table; Make cups. They don’t talk to the other team or flail around trying to psych people out. They just put you in as deep a hole as they can. A perfect example of this was the Drunken Bear 10k where they traveled straight through the field, to the final table, and out the door with the first place prize. With that added to plenty of past success at the world series they are a good bet for dominance at WSVII. Look for them when the games get fewer and the crowds get larger.

X’s and O’s (T-9)

Lenny O’Rourke and Ricky Posada are coming into Vegas with a boat load of confidence. Fresh off a win in the AABP Skype $2,500 tournament, over Get Me a Juicebox, they know that they can beat anyone and survive even the deepest of tournament fields. With plenty left to prove they set their sights on a strong two days of preliminaries. An odd pairing of on-table manuerisms, the mix of Ricky’s explosiveness and Lenny’s focus on making his cups make them an unpredictable opponent. In this case, success should be expected.

Standing Ovation (T-9)

It may seem ridiculous to have the defending champions ranked as low as 10. It has nothing to do with disrespect towards Nick and Range. Simply put, with surge in talent over the last couple of years it has made it nearly impossible to repeat as WSOBP champions. Once day 3 starts just about every team will be capable of taking down any other. Standing Ovation will not only deal with a deeper field than ever before, but also the HUGE bounty placed on their heads. Every team they face will be empowered by the desire to be, “the team that knocked out Standing O.” They are more than capable of surviving this onslaught. But in this marathon of a tournament they may eventually be worn down.

New Era (T-9)

Dane Ellis and Steve Soller are out to prove that they belong at the top of every list. Both players have seemingly gotten better with every week that has passed and that’s hard to do with the accomplishments on their bios. If you mix Dane’s extensive experience and consistent play with Steve’s ability to take over any game, you get a pair that is capable of beating anyone. This is not a team you want on your prelim schedule.

The WSOBP VII Predictions Elite Eight

Bangarang (T-7)

Reap and Fraser have made it clear that they are not only consistent contenders, but they are closers as well. Once considered a team that could do everything asked of them except win at a high level they are now the proud champions of the East Coast Championships. If it was possible to give Reap more confidence in himself, that was how. One of the more veteran teams left in the series.  They have as much, if not more chemistry and experience than any team in the world. With a bag full of tricks, mind games, and talent they will give everyone fits. It doesn’t matter if they are facing two girls out for a good time, or Pop and Basile, they will focus on every make and making you miss every shot.

Stupid Fuckin’ Easy (T-7)

The pride of the Southwest, this team has no problem telling you how good they are. Or how easy they make this game look. Brandon Marx and Zack Luckey are a wealth of confidence and natural shooting ability. This team’s strengths also include plenty of experience and team chemistry. They have played together in multiple tournaments and have placed well regularly. Look for them to start out hot and if they can carry it over to day 3 they will contend. And we cant forget that this team, more than any other before them will be playing some real defense.

Peter and The Giant Peach (T-5)

The longest lasting team out of the West Coast last year. Peter and Big Mark fell to Unstoppable Since Inception in the final four. Making their run even more inspiring was the fact that Peter played hobbled and supported by a crutch. It’s hard to tell how much better this team could play with a healthy Rusch but the world is about to find out. They will no doubt make another long run, filled with repetitious practice shots by Peter and table slaps by Big Mark.

Moment of Truth (T-5)

Kevin Kessler is still searching for his breakthrough performance in a team event. What better way to accomplish this than with a proven winner in Vince Catizone? Vince took down his first major tournament earlier in 2011 when he and Kyle Williams won the $25,000 AC championship. Despite the fact that his big win was on 9ft, it still proves that Vince is an elite finisher. Perhaps that is what Kessler needs. They have plenty of experience together and are as hard to beat as any team on this list. They could be ranked first by anyone, but Kessler’s doubles curse lingers and with it comes a 5th place ranking.

The Final Four

Last of a Dying Breed (T-3)

Does the stat +60 ring any bells? It should, because it is Andy and Goliath’s cup differential from their record setting preliminary rounds at last year’s World Series. A brand new team last year, these two had not played together before the EvsW tournament preceding WSVI. With questions to answer and uncertainties to be resolved they simply put faith in their own games’ and went to work. That work led them all the way to the final four and a crushing loss to Standing Ovation. With a year to let that disappointment stew its a fair assumption that they are coming in with unfinished business.

Get Me a Juice Box (T-3)

Pop and Basile. Not much more has to be said here. They are the most highly touted team entering this year’s World Series and these two revel in it. They believe they are the best, and they want everyone else to as well. It has been long awaited for this pair of mentor/student to put it together and this year is the year. With the loftiest of expectations and credentials they will be pleased with nothing less than a check for $50,000. However, with great expectations comes quite a bit of pressure. Its one thing to be considered a true contender, and a whole other thing to be completely expected to win. With a giant target on their backs it will take more than just talent to survive every match in front of them.

Drinkin’ Smokin’ Straight West Coastin’ (2)

Is this the year that Sonoma Joe and Byron finally break through at the World Series? They have dominated in every possible way this game has to offer, except at the series. Though many may see this as a weakness it can also be looked at as a positive. The lack of a deep run in the WS is what keeps this team hungry and pushing themselves to be better. It is hard to believe that a player like Sojo could get much better, but I expect his best performance to date, as well as Byron’s. This is one of the last teams you ever want to face in an elimination game, and they know it.

And The WSOBP VII Prediction Winner Is…

Carroll County (1)

Jordan and Austin are nothing short of a dominant pair of players. More remarkable is that they are from the same area of Maryland, which can be inferred from their team name. They partnered up earlier this year after separating themselves from former partners, Ryan McAllister and Sean Foster. Their first test was the WPT $25k championships and showed ill effects due to a lack of team experience.

They rolled through the field and sat waiting at the final table for a challenger. They eventually came up just short, but made it clear that they are an imposing force. The immediate success added to a list of strong showings from each is more than enough reason to put them at the number one spot. Look for Jordan’s calm and collected confidence. As well as Austin’s ability to thrive under pressure, to pave the way to a WSOBP Title.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Just a group of pongthusiasts and their opinions, but an educated one nonetheless. As I said in the beginning, you may not agree, but that is the beauty of it. Argue it, prove us wrong, go earn that check for yourself. The World Series is days away and the hype is getting to a fever pitch, hopefully this and the argument that will ensue, can tide you over until your flight  .Once that winner is crowned, they’ll be added to our new Beer Pong Champions All Time Archive.

– Pongstars.net Skill Committee

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