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December 10, 2013 - Brandon Marx

WSOBP IX Pongtroversey

Another World Series is just around the corner and one would think that means nothing but anticipation and uncontrollable excitement for the arrival of January 1st. While this may be true for the vast majority, there’s always a couple of individuals who become involved in some pretty serious “pongtroversey”, specifically revolving around partnerships. If the rumors are true, Pre-World Series of Beer Pong IX will be no exception!

I’m calling this situation the “Love Rectangle of the East” and yes it most certainly crosses state lines! There’s always been a rivalry between East/West and since the inception of BOTE, more rivalries have sprung up within those regions, none more prominent than New Jersey and New York. With the information that has been delivered by The East Coast Insider(ECI), this rivalry will only be solidified if these rumors reveal the truth!

Normally a scenario like this would be handled between the persons involved and everyone would be notified after the news was broken, leaving all of the personal turmoil behind closed doors, but nothing about this is normal whatsoever. Therefore The ECI felt like breaking this story via Pongstars.net was the only logical thing to do.

This “pongtroversey” all started when veteran Vince “BRICK” Catizone let it all ride on the worst roll possible, Michael Popielarski. Vince has been on standby anticipating Pop to once and for all drop Ron Hamilton for WSOBP IX and team up with him to build on their Third Place showing at the East Coast Beer Pong Championships this past November. As we all expected(except Vince), Pop stayed with Ron for another run at their 5th final table appearance at a major tournament. Once Vince received the final word last week that he’s officially a free agent only 28 days before the series, every mediocre #2 in the country instantly became self-conscious and freared “The Drop”.

Well, after only a few days on the market it looks like bricks will be thrown literally and figuratively. In a recent turn of events, long time veteran and New Jersey ponger Kris Fraser has decided to part ways with 2-Time Second Place Finisher in the WSOBP Singles, Joe G. Fraser traded Joe in for lefty and former 9ft AC Champion, Kyle Williams, who ironically is also a New Jersey resident. Now this is where the story really gets interesting! Kyle was originally signed on to play with Mike Vit(New Jersey) but Fraser and Kyle knew that Vince was a free agent willing to team up with any of them(Vit, Kyle, Fraser). Therefore, this created the teams Vince Catizone and Mike Vit of rumored team name “Brick and Dick” along with Kris Fraser and Kyle Williams, Team Name TBD. When it’s all said and done this leaves two stellar teams each with a part of the 9ft AC Champions(Kyle/Vince) and each with a stud partner that can equally share the load and take over at anytime and then……..there’s Joe G!

I tried to gather some more information from all parties involved but Mike Vit was still tied up counting all of the money he scammed off the top at ECBPC and the others didn’t want to comment at the time. However, my source tells me that when they asked Fraser on his decision, his response was not of a guilty one “Frankly, he’s not very good and I don’t feel bad for what I did because I know he would’ve done the same to me if given the chance”. As far as Kyle’s comments, it’s reported that he “LOVES IT” and he was looking forward to playing with Vit, but even happier with Fraser because they currently live together and know that their chemistry won’t be matched by any other partners.

The only questions that remain are, What of Joe G now and does he even know yet? And who was the culprit behind this whole partner swindle? Was it the infamous VINCEstigator or were they the heinous actions of a former partner/enemy? We may never know but what we do know is that there’s two more dangerous teams to add to the already deep roster of competition for WOSBP IX!

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