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February 13, 2012 - Brandon Marx

World Series VII Champions Seek N Destroy Interviewed

Just twelve individuals have had the honor of being called World Champions of Beer Pong. Each year, the competition gets tougher, and it takes more to end up as the ones holding the check. This year, that prestigious honor fell to Matt “Whiteboy” White and Ross “Boss” Hampton of team Seek N Destroy. For the second year in a row, the Midwest took the big check. Amidst a controversial Day 3, with penalties and drama occurring at an all time high, these two were able to overcome all obstacles. It’s time we heard from the champions themselves.

– How did you guys meet?
Ross: Rushing the same fraternity in college.
Matt: We both needed a partner for beer pong and so it started.

– What did you anticipate going into this year’s Series? How did you realistically expect to perform?
Ross: We expected another strong finish, but certainly to do better than our 33rd ranking from last year. I knew we had a great chance of winning it all, but fully understood how challenging going all the way really is.
Matt: We knew we had a good chance at winning this year after seeing Standing Ovation win last year. We just had to play the way we knew we could.

– Do you have any pre-game rituals you perform to get ready?
Ross: Not really, just to get a few practice games in and start drinking some to get the buzz going.

– Tell us about your mindset going into Day 3.
Ross: Just huge anticipation. There’s nothing bigger in the world of beer pong then getting ready to play Day 3 at the World Series. I wanted to stay focused and get pumped up and prepared to get ready to dominate.
Matt: Time to finish what we started. We knew we had turned a few heads and wanted to put Seek N Destroy on the map.

– What would you say your toughest game was on Day 3, and what made it so difficult?
Ross: Going into it I knew how drunk Matt got himself once again and knew I was going to get little to no partner help. No bigger challenge than that.

– It’s time to own up to the finals. Matt, what happened?
Matt: I was really sick, and hadn’t eaten all day because of it and beer wasn’t settling well so I drank screwdrivers instead (mainly for the OJ but wanted to stay loose as well), which I never do because Vodka destroys me, which it did, and I paid for it.

– What was going through your head, Ross, knowing how drunk your partner had gotten?
Ross: I was just overly frustrated with being put into that situation, but I certainly wasn’t going to go down without a fight. I still put everything i had into the games and fortunately it was just enough to save us.

– After the last rebuttal shot was missed, Ross, you fell to the floor. Describe how it felt.
Ross: It was completely surreal; I couldn’t believe we pulled it off. With how Matt was before we walked out there I honestly didn’t think we had a chance.

– What was it like holding that check, Matt?
Matt: The best feeling ever. I can’t describe it because I was so worried that I was gonna let Ross down during the tourney but he was able to step up for me and we got the job done.

– Everyone wants to know, what are you going to do with the money?
Ross: Most of it will be going into a down payment on a house so I can finally have my own place.
Matt: Gonna put some in savings. I’m gonna buy a car and maybe a pool table. The rest is gonna go towards paying for my house and other bills.

– Now that we’ve all gone home and acclimated to normal life, has anything changed for you guys since taking the title?
Ross: Nothing has really changed at all, just a little more recognition.
Matt: A lot has changed actually but I’d honestly rather not get into most of it but what I will say it’s fun running into random people that heard what happened and stopping to talk to them about it for awhile.

– What are your beer pong plans for the coming year?
Ross: I’m going to continue to play in as many tournaments as possible with the hope to keep the winning streak going. Nothing is more fun or more exciting than playing in the big tournaments with the challenge of good competition.
Matt: I’m not really sure yet to be honest. Thinking about taking a break for awhile and working on my billiards game but I’m sure I’ll still be playing pong as well.

– Will we see Seek N Destroy on the big stage again?
Ross: No future plans, but only time will tell!

Whatever their future plans, these two have a year of interviews, facebook requests, and video replays to look forward to; not to mention that sweet check in the mail. Well done fellas!

– Clawless

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