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December 19, 2012 - Brandon Marx

West Coast Top 25

Every day, week, month, and year, after every cash game, weekly, satellite, mid-major, and World Series of Beer Pong there is some sort of discussion(argument) going on in multiple locations across the country about who the Best in the World is, so we at Pongstars.net have decided to create our own ranking systems with our own criteria. These rankings will consists of the Top 25 Players of each respective region so that the recognition of stellar talent and high level of play is properly awarded, continuing with The Midwest which was compiled by respected players and organizers relevant to that region. The criteria used was very simple and will be shared but the value of each will not. Criteria is as follows: Satellites, Current Year Finishes, Last Year Finishes, Partners(Who/Amount), Overall resume, and 1 v 1. That being said, take a look at your current WEST TOP 25 PLAYERS!!!

Sonoma Joe- Being the most decorated player on the west coast, it is no surprise that Mr. Seivert finds himself atop this list. As consistent a player as you could ever ask for, the big man has been a staple of the competitive beer pong world for years. His greatest accomplishment was winning the Atlantic City championships with teammate Byron, making him a major champion for life. However, his success is not resigned to a single city, in fact Sojo has won across the entire country. He added another big win when he and substitute partner Tiny defeated Standing Ovation in the inaugural BPONG Mesquite 10k. But when it comes to Vegas, he and Byron of Drinkin Smokin Straight West Coastin are a lock to not only play together, but to still be standing when only a few survivors remain. Perhaps this is the year he finally obtains the one win he has yearned for since he began playing.

Mark Pimentel- Mark is a rare talent in this game, combining the ability to be a great sportsman, and still have the killer instinct to win big games. His stock has always been on the rise, moving up the pong hierarchy with each success notched on his belt. Big Mark is also the owner of one of the more interesting shots in our game, leaning back and catapulting himself towards the cups, often slamming his shooting hand down onto the table after release. Despite all this motion, and forward movement, his touch remains and the ball often finds itself gliding into it’s liquid home. This shot has brought him great success, including a $1k(SDPC), $2k(OGP), $3k(PONGSTARS) as well as a T-3rd at WS VI and T-17th at WS VII, both with partner Peter Rusch. Peter and the Giant Peach, however, is no more. Mark is traveling to Vegas with new partner Arnold Colella, hoping to finally get his signature win.

Travis Carl- The highest ranked player of the Kick Rocks clan, Travis has been going head to head with the games’ best and coming out on top more and more as time has gone by. Along with his incredible shooting ability, Travis also plays grade A defense. He can be found jumping back and forth, always putting movement right behind your target, but still finds a way to collect himself and make the necessary shots. His ability has not gone unnoticed as many got the pleasure of watching him, and partner Ricky Shepard, cut through the talented field of the East Vs. West tournament. Travis and Ricky got all the way to the final table, eventually losing to Carroll County in an OT thriller. Though they came short of the win, they added a 9th place main event finish, putting their stamp on WSVII proving they have the ability to win any tournament.

Byron Findley- The other half of Drinkin Smokin Straight West Coastin, Byron Findley is the yin to Sojo’s Yang. Though he may not be as loud on the table, do not let it fool you into thinking he should be overlooked. Byron is one of beer pong’s best, and everyone who has seen him play knows it. A sturdy rock, Byron always seems poised to hit any shot put in front of him. One of the best rebuttle shooters at the AC championships Byron often found himself slashing the dreams of the teams fortunate enough to put DSSWC into a do or die situation. Forever a major champion, Byron is giving the World Series one more swing and it would surprise no one to see his double clutch shot seal the victory.

Rickey Shepard- The ring leader of the Kick Rocks gang, Rickey has been running the Vegas beer pong scene for years, racking up a whopping 20 satellite victories in his career. This year has been no different as 2012 added five more wins to his belt. Satellites is not where his success stops though, as he and Travis played as well as anyone at WSVII where they finished 2nd and 9th in the two biggest events of the World Series week. It was Rickey’s third time finishing in the top 17 in the last 4 years, making it impossible to call him inconsistent. Rickey also added a midnight madness win with partner Sam Henshaw making his Series a success all the way through. It would surprise no one to see Rickey doing well in any event he takes part in.

Kenny Jennings- Everyday you will hear people talking about how tall a pong player is, and how much of an advantage they must have. Kenny Jennings single handedly smashes that argument. Standing at a mere 5’8’’ Kenny Jennings controls the spotlight. Kenny took 9th in last year’s main event at the world series with partner Paul Bashaw. Remember the Name will be returning this year to hopefully get over the hump and make the final table. Kenny has also recorded the most satellites of anyone except Ross and Dane from the midwest with 7! He has also gotten 5 this year with people that have never won one before!

Nate Adkins-Nate Adkins is potentially the best pure shooter on this list, but without the extensive resume to back it up. At WS VII, A&W’s first big tournament comprised of himself and Nate Wong, finished T-7th place just before knocking out DSSWC with a perfect game and went 12-0 in prelims. Their only two losses in the tournament came to SFE and Who is Bobby Williams, both of which they had beaten earlier in Day 3. Nate is one of the easiest “studs” in the world to play alongside because he doesn’t say a word, always smiles, and rarely misses. Nate looks to make another deep run ath WS VIII as he teams back up with his good friend Wong.

Paul Bashaw-Known to many in California as “The Polar Bear” or “Broshaw”, Paul is a very quiet opponent, yet extremely dangerous at the sametime. An individual who can shoot a perfect game at anytime and as consistent as some of the best in the world. After a pleasant and disappointing T-9th place finish at WS VII with first time partner Kenny Jennings, Paul locked up Kenny for a second run at the big show for WS VIII. Aside from the Top 10 finish in the main event, Paul also took 1st place in last years Coed competition with Teddie Mendibles and plans to repeat even with a much more star studded field. Even though Paul has been out of the scene as of late after relocating to Oregon, his passion for a series title has never been stronger and we plan to see proof of this on the table, so do yourself a favor and just “Remember The Name!”

Sam Henshaw- Perhaps the most notorious player of WSVII, Sam’s epic table flip will live in legend for years to come. The victim of a brutal shot clock violation, who knows what may have changed had he been given the opportunity to make his fate sealing shot. With one of the most focused shooting styles, Sam is an intimidating force to be put face to face with. Despite the end to his world series, Sam still found success during the week as he and Rickey Shepard won the Midnight Madness tournament. Come January 1st look for Sam to be one of the most driven players in the ballroom. After a year of waiting, he will finally get a chance to put WSVII behind him and make WSVIII the one he will be remembered by.

Dan Wise- Part of the team All Night, he and Chris Boyce continue flying under the radar for no apparent reason. Consistently making deep runs into all tournament entries, they continue to show that they are far from a fluke. Driven by their amazing team chemistry Dan Wise has found himself shooting in the clutch late in tournaments such as the Mesquite $10k and last years WS(VII) by double dipping Pursuit of Perfection to win their bracket and advance to the Top 16, ultimately going 0-2 after that. Dan is no stranger to being in front of large groups of people while still performing at high levels, whether that be as a beer pong player or stand up comedian. Often during down times, you’ll find Dan trying out his newest(or only) material to keep the mood light and filled with laughter late into the night. Dan doesn’t do much traveling outside of the the WS for pong but don’t let that fool you, he gets plenty of practice on a nightly basis in Reno taking down nearly all $500 cash tourney’s that they have to offer.

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Chris Boyce

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