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December 25, 2011 - Brandon Marx

West Coast Teams Traveling to Las Vegas

This list of teams will be compiled of only Las Vegas and the remaining teams from Phoenix, Arizona. Due to time restraints, California, Oregon, and Washington were not able to supply adequate write ups for the teams they are having represent themselves at World Series 7 in a matter of one week!

Phoenix, Arizona

“Now Serving….” Jarred Sams and Shay Foose
Two middle of the pack players who can easily as anyone else shoot a perfect game no problem. Jarred and Shay are teaming up for the first time and looking to surprise a lot of teams at this years series. This is Shay’s second world series, playing with Luckey last year and tying for 33rd. No longer having that elite #1, Shay will have to step up this year and hit more cups to share the load with Jarred. However, even with the lack of play on Jarred’s part this year, if he finds his stride, can easily lead Shay as deep as last year and possibly further!

“Darren Sharper; Hold Mah Dick” Tyler Cotton and Brendon Ulatowski
This will be the second attempt for Tyler and Brendon at the World Series and hopefully it turns out better than before. I’m sure they are hoping for less nerves and less upchucking on Brendon’s part. Making it to Day 3 last year, but losing in the play in game, Brendon could hardly stay at the table, sharing time with the closest trash can from what must have been the dreaded Pong Flu! Expect a much better showing from this pair and do not underestimate the scrawny one standing on the right!

“Pay Me First” Mike Gildea and David Gonzalez
Old School “Tucson Victory” member Mike Gildea is making the trip without long time partner Dick and instead has picked up newcomer David Gonzalez. Not much can be said about these two because I don’t know David but if he is playing with Gildea, you know that winning is not their priority, it’s having an amazing time and trying to piss a lot of people off in the process! You can expect a significant amount of success in this department!

“He Owes Me Money” Brian Meyer and Jason Scherr
I can honestly say that this will probably be the most annoying team found at the World Series. No costume wearing douche bags will be able to rival the ridiculous antics of Brian joined with the voice that comes from Arizona’s own “Lucky the Leprechaun” Jason. Brian is very familiar with big stages and big games, two years ago going 12-0 in prelims and dominating the tournament…..as a bouncer! Yes, a bouncer, but all of this has changed as he now shoots like a normal individual, but the random shit talking has stayed the same. Jason on the other hand has never experienced the “spotlight” but has attended the World Series before, so these two are hoping to fly under the radar, steal some wins and destroy some dreams on the way to a deep run on day 3.

“Boobs for LB” Chris Gracia and Arnold Colella
Another premier team from Arizona striving to take home the big check this year and have as good a chance as any top team in the country to achieve this. Chris once again has been able to partner up with the top, up and coming, relatively unknown newbie Arnold. From day 1, this kid has only wanted to be the best, playing in every single tournament since he first encountered the sport. He has rapidly climbed the ranks to one of Arizona’s best in a blink of an eye and only plans to go higher. Look for Chris to switch roles this year and become a vocal leader clearing the path for Arnold to close out anyone who stands in their way.

“We’re not alcoholics, We just like the way it tastes” Matt Stinson and Lauren Braley
The strangest partnership yet has to be these two individuals with Matt’s incredible drinking ability and Lauren’s quiet and innocent demeanor behind the table. Definitely the proper visual representation of Heaven and Hell, but don’t let that fool you. Lauren isn’t known as the Top 25 Killer for no reason, taking down the likes of Byron, Big Mark, Peter, Sonoma Joe, and BMarx in the past year. Simply put, Matt will piss you off to the extent that all concentration is lost and Lauren will bang any and all cups in her way before you even realize what has happened.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“Kick Rocks: Femme Fatale”
Jessica Shepard “J Shep” and Jessica Kittinger “J Kiss”, the wife of Rickey Shepard and longtime girlfriend of Travis Carl. J Kiss is 26 and native of Las Vegas while J-Shep is also 26 and originally from Chicago Heights but raised in Vegas as a mother of one. The Jessica’s both work in the Medical field. J Kiss is an RN and J-Shep is an Insurance Verifier. They both have been playing beer pong for over four years now at local tournies or occasionally at Blondies. They have decided to turn in their head cheerleader cards and play in their first World Series ever. They are the first all-girl team to represent Vegas in the World Series, so as expected their goal is to be one of the first all-female teams to make it to Day 3 so don’t sleep on them because these girls can and will hit cups, they are from the Las Vegas after all.

“Kick Rocks: Sweetness”
Is the team of Sean O’Neill and Curtis Armistead. Sean 26, Las Vegas native is a gourmet server at Raos inside Caesars Palace. He also played baseball in the LA Dodgers farm system for two years before an injury cut his career short. Curtis 24, born in Chicago, raised in Las Vegas has an associate’s degree in Culinary Science. This will be Sean’s fourth World Series and Curtis’ first. With both of them playing in Mesquite and on the Vegas B.O.W. squad, they are a newly formed team with a lot of potential. Look for them to make it to Day 3 while upsetting some of the potential ‘’favorites.’’

“Boom Goes The Dynamite”
Is the team of Hugo Corral and Brandon “Herbie” Herbert. Herbie, as he is known to the pong community, is 25, born in Huntington Beach but has lived in Vegas since he was 5. He manages a movie theatre. Hugo, 23 born in Durango Mexico, has lived in Vegas since he was 3. Hugo is a senior at UNLV currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. These two teamed up for the first time in at the Mesquite $10k and ended Day 1 as the #1 seed. Day 2 didn’t end the way they would have liked it but decided to give it another run at this year’s World Series. This will be Herbie’s fifth World Series and Hugo’s first. They plan on playing like they did on Day 1 in Mesquite and making a deep run on Day 3 in the World Series. Watch out for BOOM goes the Dynamite!!

“Kick Rocks: Top Ramen and Pussy”
Is the team of Travis “Pezzi” Parnell and Brandon Faulkenborg. Brandon 23, born in Pomona, CA raised in Vegas is a server at a local restaurant. Pezzi 27, born in Compton but raised in Vegas is an Electrician is also a husband and father of two. Pezzi and Brandon are both avid bowlers while Pezzi is also a member of the Las Vegas Knights indoor defending soccer champions. This will be Pezzi’s fourth World Series and Brandon’s first. Last year Pezzi took another rookie to a 17th place finish and is looking to improve on that this year. Pezzi is one of the best distractors in the game with his wild antics and crazy moves and the kid can also shoot, occasionally, and with Brandon’s raw shooting talent they should make a solid run into Day 3. What’s better than Top Ramen and Pussy???

“Kick Rocks: The Chosen Ones”
Is the team of Sam Henshaw, 26 years old and Justin Spurrier, 25 years old. Justin was born in Vail, CO and has lived in Las Vegas for 12 years now. When he is not playing beer pong, Justin is a very competitive baseball player. Sam, born and raised in Las Vegas, works for Clark County doing traffic control. Outside of beer pong Sam likes to play basketball and hang with his friends. This will be Justin’s second World Series coming off a 17th place finish and Sam’s fourth World Series coming off a disappointing 65th place finish. Sam has been having a huge year winning the Blondies Midnight Madness $10k and various local tournaments. “The Chosen Ones” are a newly formed team, who look to make it far on Day 3. They are definitely a team to be reckoned with. They are in it to win it!!!

“Kick Rocks: Platinum”
Is the team of Rickey Shepard and Travis Carl. Travis 26, born and raised in Las Vegas has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is owner of T Bands is an entrepreneur always looking for new ways to make money. When Travis is not playing beer pong he is usually playing soccer or partying, all while finding time to also be a semi pro paintballer on Critical Wrecking Crew. Rickey or Shep as he is mostly known by, is 27, husband and father of two. He works for Clark County as an Equipment Operator. When Shep isn’t playing beer pong or doing his family duties he is usually playing basketball or partying at Blondies Sports Bar. This will be Shep and Travis’s fifth World Series playing together and are the only Vegas team that has played with their original partner every year. They have played in every World Series since WSIII, with a 177th, 9th, 17th and 65th place finishes respectively. Shep and Travis also had a decent showing in their first AC trip this year with a 9th place finish. Shep added a mid-major win to his resume with his Blondies Midnight Madness 10k victory. This year they plan on making another Top 10 finish on Day 3, put Vegas back on the map, and get back where they belong…on top!!!! They are the Kick Rocks Originals.

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