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December 28, 2012 - Brandon Marx

Top 75 Players in the World

While putting together the region based Top 25 Rankings last month, there was a significant amount of chatter about just doing another National Top 25 as our predecessors had. We felt this was not a big enough spectrum to properly credit all of the talented individuals around the country so the idea of a Top 50/100 was thrown around. While being a terrific idea it’s impossible to rank them “properly” aside from personal opinions from us which is not fair. Therefore, 24 organizers/players, 6 from each region were contacted about helping put together such a list. All of these individuals were requested to send us their Top 50 players in the country by ranking fully expecting biased opinions which would average out over all regions. Once all of these lists were received, the players were then ranked by points per list, for example; anyone ranked #1 on a list was awarded 50 points, #2 got 49 points, #3 got 48 points and so one until all lists were gone through and all players were ranked by TOTAL COMBINED POINTS. This is more for entertainment/argument sake and shouldn’t be taken seriously nor be used for anything in the future. With that being said, take a look at the Top 75 Beer Pong Players in the Country!

  1. Ross Hampton
  2. Kevin Kessler
  3. Brandon Marx
  4. Michael Popielarski
  5. Michael Seivert
  6. Thomas Reap
  7. Nick Syrigos
  8. Ron Hamilton
  9. Vince Catizone
  10. Mark Pimentel
  11. Arnold Colella
  12. Edan Hemphill
  13. Dane Ellis
  14. Chris Kingsbury
  15. Byron Findley
  16. Kris Fraser
  17. Zach Gilkison
  18. Jon Basile
  19. Austin Lanham
  20. Zack Luckey
  21. Jordan McCallister
  22. David Glaser
  23. Matt White
  24. Seth Beglis
  25. Ricky Posada
  26. Sean Foster
  27. Kenny Jennings
  28. Paul Bashaw
  29. Corey Bareford
  30. Travis Carl
  31. Andy Decaluwe
  32. Jordon LeJeune
  33. Johnny Fourdyce
  34. Nate Cunningham
  35. Jason Chichester
  36. Rickey Shepard
  37. Joseph Lyle
  38. Joe Giammarino
  39. Kyle Williams
  40. Mike Vitello
  41. Deep Chakrabarty
  42. Vance Anzaldua
  43. Blake Foreman
  44. Gabriel Montoya
  45. Scott Frew
  46. Christopher Cross
  47. Sonny Amparan
  48. Rob Dix
  49. Peter Rusch
  50. Chris Van Nest
  51. Dan Range
  52. Mike Wan
  53. Dan “Goliath” Altizio
  54. Joey Moler
  55. Trevor Banks
  56. Solomon Hall
  57. Ben Robelen
  58. Aaron Smith
  59. James Riebl
  60. Michael Kesler
  61. Sam Henshaw
  62. Josh Bird
  63. Brandon Herbert
  64. Cameron Johnson
  65. Nolan Jones
  66. Jeremy Peckens
  67. Matt Stinson
  68. Dan “Wise” Smith
  69. Kurt Heizman
  70. Grady Hunt
  71. Chris Boyce
  72. Danny Kirby
  73. Jake Christie
  74. Ryan Bladdick
  75. Nick Velissaris

All list dated gathered and compiled by Clawless

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