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May 26, 2017 - Brandon Marx

Top 25 West Coast – 2017

Every day, week, month and year, after every cash game, weekly, satellite, mid-major and World Series of Beer Pong there is some sort of discussion(argument) going on in multiple locations across the country about who the Best in the World is. So we at Pongstars.net have decided to create our own ranking systems with our own criteria. These rankings will consists of the Top 25 Players of each respective region so that the recognition of stellar talent and high level of play is properly rewarded. The criteria used was very simple and will be shared but the value of each will not. Criteria is as follows: Satellites, Current Year Finishes, Last Year Finishes, Partners(Who/Amount), Overall resume, and 1 v 1. We also take into account anyone who supplies us with a list of their own within their region. That being said, take a look at your current WEST TOP 25 PLAYERS!!!

1. Brandon Marx
Easily the best player in the West and to many, the best in the world…..without a World Series Title. I think we all can agree that we’re tired of talking about him and his accomplishments but his resume in the last year alone is something most dream of doing in a lifetime and must be mentioned. Five WSOBP XII Satellites wins, 1st Place WCC $25k (3rd final table in a row), 1st place Spring Classic $10k (4th win in a row and 5th all time) and 2nd place in the main event and singles at WS XI

All rise for the King!

2. Mark Pimentel
One of the most imposing opponents you could possibly have staring across the table at you! Despite his intimidating appearance, he’s legitimately one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. His consistency is what drives his continually success. We can’t recall the last time he had a bad game, if ever. Most individuals will blame their partner for a big loss but with Big Mark, he’ll never admit that even though it’s usually the case. His career at the World Series has him playing late into day three every single year. He’s played the WS main event seven times and has cashed 5 of them(3rd, 5th, 7th, 13th, 13th). Some of his other accomplishments over the years include but are not limited to a Masters Singles Title, 1st place at the Reno 10k and 1st place at WCC 2014. If it wasn’t for the aforementioned Marx, his Mid Major/Major win totals would be impressively higher.

3. Justin Spurrier
One of the more talented athletes you’ll meet and we don’t just mean in the local rec league that most of you are used to. According to Spurrier, pong comes third to baseball and then bowling. For someone with the credentials to be placed at the #3 overall spot in the West and it not even be his best ability, you can only imagine what he’s done on the mound and in the alley. If you’re curious, just google him! His biggest win to date comes with two accomplishments, winning the first WCC $25k with partner Ryan Smith a year and a half ago and he has done something that no one else has been able to do, beat Blitzkrieg on the final table at Johnny V’s in San Diego. Overall, he’s a great guy and even better player.

4. Casey Costa
One of the more quiet yet lethal shooters you’ll almost always comes across when it unfortunately for you, matters the most. He goes about his business without much excitement and the results seem almost robotic like. A veteran of the Nor Cal beer pong community which explains his stellar play over the years. Sacramento has been a breeding ground for some of the most dominant players the world has seen since the inception of professional beer pong. Casey always knows when it’s time to turn it up a notch which has resulted in numerous WSOBP Top 16 finishes, a Reno $10k win and 2nd place finish at the Spring Classic last year. Expect for him to add another big title very soon, possibly next weekend!

5. Ryan Smith
If there’s two things the pong community despises the most, it’s allowing someone to give oneself a nickname……..and butter. Fortunately for Ryan or as many refer to him as Butters, he’s been able to live up to the recent hype with the help of partner Justin Spurrier. He almost had one of the most disastrous defensive mishaps on a final table at WCC in late 2015 when he kicked the rack over during an opponent’s last cup rebuttal shot. Surprisingly to most, Butters was able to collect himself, hit the three rack in overtime which lead to a $25,000 tournament win. Since then he’s had great showings in Virginia as well as a top 5 finish at the World Series last year and as painful as it is to say, we at Pongstars believe there’s many more top finishes to come.

6. Byron Findley
One half of DSSWC, easily a top 3 team of all time, Byron is a stud in his own right. Sonoma Joe may get the most credit for prior accomplishments but Byron can hold his own and certainly has while his longtime partner and friend has been on a hiatus. Byron hasn’t had any significant wins but has certainly made his fair share of deep runs in the Spring Classic and West Coast Championships the past two years. Add that to an already incredible resume that includes a WSOBP 8 Title, WSOBP 9 3rd place and an epic WPT AC Title and you have yourself the #6 on this list but most certainly #1 in our hearts!

7. David Diaz
The first player of the “New Generation” to crack a top ten, Diaz took the scene by storm with a stunning performance at WCC 7 months ago when he and partner Corey Sandoval made the final table. They ended up finishing second which is as much a disappointment as it is an accomplishment. Since then he’s been terrorizing the OGP events on the West Coast as well as another final table sighting at the Blondies $3k in November last year. The skill both physically and mentally that he’s already showing is insane and his potential to improve makes him a partner that players are going to start fighting over in years to come. Already with a mid major final table appearance under his belt in such a young career, we strongly suggest keeping a look out for Diaz to be a household name in the near future when discussing the best players out West and the world.

8. Michael Seivert
It’s very rare that someone who has barely accomplished anything note worthy in the last four years to place this high on a list of current players. But when your name is Sonoma Joe and you have the resume he does you require and deserve a different level of respect! Certainly a top 5 player of all time and only one of six players to have multiple Major titles, Sonoma Joe has all the tools that make a dominating player. He has the height, the reach, the intimidating size and and most importantly, the mindset of winner oozing killer instinct! We hope everyone is as excited as we are to watch the return of DSSWC next week!

9. Brad Mosdell
The undisputed king of the North…..I mean the West…..errr Northwest! Brad which everyone knows as Moose is a Canadian native and has been one of the more consistent players of the last few years in regards to shooting ability. No matter who he plays with, as a one or a two, he’s always in the mix. He’s made a few top 16 runs with different partners each time but most notably is his WS 8 Singles title along with a 1st place finish at the Seattle $5k and prior to that a 2nd place finish at the Reno $10k. This WS should be rather interesting seeing that he’s finally got a partner that’s equally as dominant as him who coincidentally also has a WS Single Title(Brent Saale). So don’t be surprised if you see this very humble and genuinely nice guy climb this short list rather fast.

10. James Tripp
Probably the toughest spot to pick in this entire ranking because anyone from here to the #15 spot could make a legitimate case as the #10. We had to make a judgement call and in our honest opinion what it came down to was we feel Tripp would beat the rest of this list in a 1v1 far more consistently than anyone else that is left. You may disagree and you may be on this list after him and if that’s the case feel free to call him out for a cash game. We are positive he won’t shy away from it but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

11. Corey Sandoval
12. Dante Yell
13. Ethan Wald
14. Aaron Smith
15. Rickey Shepard
16. Nolan Jones
17. Solomon Hall
18 Kevin Vaughn
19. Travis Carl
20. Gabe Montoya
21. Zac Michaels
22. Michael Williams
23. Nash Lockie
24. Thomas Hoistad
25. Ryan De Hoop

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