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May 25, 2017 - Brandon Marx

Top 25 in the South – 2017

Every day, week, month and year, after every cash game, weekly, satellite, mid-major and World Series of Beer Pong there is some sort of discussion(argument) going on in multiple locations across the country about who the Best in the World is. So we at Pongstars.net have decided to create our own ranking systems with our own criteria. These rankings will consists of the Top 25 Players of each respective region so that the recognition of stellar talent and high level of play is properly rewarded. The criteria used was very simple and will be shared but the value of each will not. Criteria is as follows: Satellites, Current Year Finishes, Last Year Finishes, Partners(Who/Amount), Overall resume, and 1 v 1. We also take into account anyone who supplies us with a list of their own within their region. That being said, take a look at your current SOUTH TOP 25 PLAYERS!!!

1. David Anderson
Who? You know, the guy who wears women’s tights, outdated high top Chuck Taylors and miraculously shoots a ball while wearing a hoodie as if he were auditioning for E.T. Oh, you probably know him as Sven, my apologies! Normally picking the overall #1 is pretty easy, there’s always one guy in each region that plays like he’s from another world. This year around, there’s two of those individuals in the South but Sven takes the cake due to an extra finish that #2 didn’t participate in. Sven over course of the last year and half has won the ECBPC $20k, ECBPC Singles, WCC $25k, and most recently the LABP $5k. Not bad if you ask us!

2. Chris Kingsbury
When you talk overall talent and tournament outcomes at this moment in time, you easily have to throw Kingsbury in the mix of Top 5 players in the world. He could just as easily be number #1 in the South had his career change not kept him away from participating in WCC this past year and wins count for a lot this high in the rankings. Luckily for him, his current partner is the overall #1 and other half of TNT.

3. Evan Serrano
A Texas player that most of the country doesn’t really know. He’s very quiet and incredibly polite/humble. He plays for the competition and like so few of us just wants to compete against the best. And for this, he’s been on an impressive tear over the last year since his 4th place finish at WS XI. He’s won six WSOBP bids which is tops in the country, three $1ks, a $2k and a $3k in preparation of another run this year in Las Vegas. There actually wasn’t a $1k or higher that he went to and didn’t win, something no one else can say they did this year for the amount he’s played.

4. David Talamantez
Calm, Cool and Collected……ALWAYS! You never see this man change his demeanor regardless of the situation. Whether it’s a practice game with his partner James Alanis across the table or an entire East Coast region yelling at him on the final table at WS X, he…..does…..not….flinch! One of the more consistent players in the country regardless of partner, the only thing bigger than his 2nd place finish at the WSOBP are his calves! Seriously, look at those things if you haven’t, just don’t touch them, trust us!

5. Cameron Chappell
Also known as Evan Serrano’s partner these days, Cam is no slouch! He’s gotten better each and every year from a 2nd place in EvW and 6-6 in the main event at his first series to a 4th place finish in the WS XI only 10 months ago. One of the elite “little men” in the pong community who fears no one…….other than himself that is. Cam has all the tools to be a stud at the top of this list if he only allowed his thoughts to not get the best of him. Can’t wait to see the new and improved version next week in Las Vegas for WS XII.

6. Seth Beglis
Recently in the argument for best player under six feet tall, Seth doesn’t let his height disadvantage bother him because he’s got the mindset of a 6’4” elite! Continuously the best player in Louisiana, Seth doesn’t play nearly as much as he used to like so many of the veterans. But that doesn’t stop him from competing and winning! With a mediocre resume over the last year and we say mediocre for him but anyone would be happy with his placements, he finished T9 in WS XI, 4th in the LABP $5k and came out with two WSOBP satellite victories one being a partner/partner outcome.

7. David Glaser
There’s something to be said about lefties in most major sports. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Bowling and Golf all produce left hand players that just seem to not only look better but also do it better than most. Glaser and Beer Pong are no different! He has one of the smoothest highest releasing shots in the game so it’s no surprise that he’s accomplished all that he has. Most notably was a 2nd place finish at the biggest beer pong tournament ever put together, The Masters $100k. It’s rumored that no one has ever shot a higher percentage through an entire event than what Glaser was able to do that 4th of July weekend. With a T17th place finish in WS XI, he’s found a new partner and looking to relive The Masters but this time…..WIN!

8. Rob Dix
Another old timer with a laundry list of credentials from years past. Rob Dix has been known for many things during his tenure as “Dix” within the pong community. He was Ross’ partner a couple times, he was Tyler Baldwins partner another, he was the poster boy for why Kevin Kessler’s shit talking is so instrumental to his victories. His shoes and pastel colored shorts/shirts but most of all, his ability to devour an entire corn cob in under 30 seconds. In all seriousness, Rob Dix could and probably has been a Top 10 player in the world at one time so do yourself a favor and if you come across a tall, dorky frat looking guy in Sperry’s….Do not underestimate him otherwise you’ll get “Dix’d”

9. James Alanis
The second half of “Wet Back Wasted” and #9 on the list. Neither are always accurate statements, it just depends what version you catch when you play them. James is the nice, hand shaking religious gentleman who doesn’t intimidate but if you saw him on the final table of WS X, then you were witnessing Mr. Alanis in action. With limited abilities to travel this past year, James hasn’t accomplished so much in 10 months but in his case on this point in the list, sometimes overall skill and previous years resumes are good enough.

10. Roland Ortiz
Honestly, we don’t know a damn thing about this kid other than he had a 7-4 lead with balls and an incredible opportunity to make the final table of WS XI. With an eventual 3rd place finish at the most difficult tournament in the world and the fact that everyone says he’s a Top 10 player, we had no choice but to place him here. We also heard a rumor that he won a $2k but we’re waiting on confirmation! Sorry Ro-Ro!!!

11. Brian Lipko
12. Andrew Hill
13. Mando Roman
14. Jared Knierman
15. Ty Ty
16. Jordon Lejuene
17. Logan Silva
18. Cody Atherton
19. Jerrod Kulhman
20. Tyler O’Steen
21. Pat McGlynn
22. Adrian Gonzalez
23. Cameron Johnson
24. Brendan Scalley
25. Taylor Brunken

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