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December 19, 2011 - Brandon Marx

Top 20 Beer Pong Players | East Coast | Heading to WSOBP VII

I am sure there will be a few people that feel they were left out. I’m also sure there will be players that disagree with the rankings. This list was compiled by representatives from each major state on the East Coast. (NY, NJ, PA, MD and VA). Players were ranked 1-20 and the person with the lowest score was ranked first, next lowest was second and so on.  Through these lists we are able to bring you this breakdown of the Top 20 Beer Pong Players from the East Coast.  To show how good these players are, you can find a good portion of them on our archive of Beer Pong Champions!

***There will be another ranking done after the World Series so if you are unhappy with your spot prove the voters wrong.***

The Good Beer Pong Players

20. Charles Gerber

He is another solid player on the East Coast that just doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Chuck runs the most competitive weekly tournament the East Coast has to offer; Friday nights at pinups. Each and every week Chuck competes with many of the players on this list. The practice has paid off in full as CDotJer$ey (Chuck and Jer$ey Ricca) had a strong showing at last years World Series finishing in 7th place. Chuck is no longer a dark horse and is out to prove that he is indeed a top player and that last year was no fluke.

19. Ricky Posada

(Dave’s not so evil more fit twin brother) Ricky by next year may be top 10 if he continues to improve his pong game. He is always a sleeper player that never gets the attention he deserves. Whenever Ricky is in your bracket expect him to always bring it because he is a perfect example of how the better competition you play, the better you will get. Ricky not only competes but wins a large amount in the shark infested waters of Long Island.

He is one of a handful of players that gives Pops a run for his money at every tournament. Ricky plays alongside the #16 ranked player on the list Lenny. (X’s and O’s) With the World Series less then a month away Ricky picked a good time to be shooting his best pong. He looks to build on his huge win over GMAJB in the first AABP $2,500 Skype tournament and keep the momentum going.

18. Ryan McAllister

Ryan the brother and former teammate of Jordan has accomplished a ton over the years. Many of his accomplishments have been overshadowed by how great Jordan actually is. This year the brothers decided to part ways which gave an opportunity for Ryan to make a name for himself on his own. He has done just that playing lights out recently with Jason Davenport. Ryan is an experienced player who has made it deep into day 3 multiple times. He is a perfect match for the up and coming Davenport and are expecting big things in Vegas.

17. Dan Altizio 

He would most likely be ranked higher but not much has been heard of from the gentle giant. He has pretty much been completely out of the East Coast pong scene. Rumor has it the wifey has him on a tight leash but Goliath had a ridiculous run with Andy last year smashing the cup differential record and took the #1 seed going into day 3. They did not stop in prelims and continued their run coming just short of the final table and finishing with a 19-2 record.

The last of a dying breed is a big question mark going into this years series and Andy has been focusing a lot of his time on the bowling alley while Goliath maintains the boom boom room. If Andy is true to his normal form as one of the best then don’t be surprised if they make it back to a Top 5 finish.

16. Jason Davenport

Jason is the perfect example of how practice pays off by going from an average player to the MD State Champion in a matter of one year. No one other then Jeff Barnes thought this was possible and for the second time in MDBP history, a sweep of the State Championship was accomplished by Jason winning both the singles and doubles titles. He may be somewhat new to the bright lights but he has a consistent veteran partner to lean on bein Ryan McCallister. They will be a tough sleeper team to look out for.

15. Lenny O’Rourke

If there was a list of the oddest beer pong players, Lenny would be the clear cut #1. You can’t say Lenny will fly under the radar because he will surely be noticed because he is a very consistent player and when he is on, he is one of the best on the East Coast. Lenny is the top player from the New England region and is considered the most traveled ponger on the East Coast winning tournaments in just about every state. He made a great late season push coming in 2nd in the WPT singles tournament losing to Pop in the finals. Lenny will be playing with Ricky Posada under the team name X’s and O’s and they are red hot rolling into the series with a big win recently in the $2,500 Skype Championship knocking off GMJB in the finals.

14. Paul Toland

Paul “The Hurricane” Tolando played in his first world series last year and looks to improve on a decent 13th place showing in which he ran through some tough competition including the 2 time Champions, Smashing Time sending them to the losers bracket. He also had a great showing in the loaded singles tournament placing 7th overall. After an impressive start to the year in national competition, the Hurricane continued his winning ways leading the sleeper MABP Beast of the East team to a huge upset over the New Jersey War Machine. This gave MABP their first big win as a state and officially put Massachusetts on the map right there with the likes of NY, NJ and MD.

Bids have been scarce in Massachusetts this year but Paul has still found a way to win 2 of 3 satellites he played in. In this upcoming year, The Hurricane will be teaming up with Chris “The Dream” Gravel who finished 2nd in last year’s main event. The team known as Brazzer’s has their eyes set on the grand prize and nothing but 1st place will satisfy these two talented players.

13. Mike Vitello

Although he may be known better for running tournaments and riling up disgruntled southerners, he is no slouch on the table. He started his year off great as he fought through one of the toughest fields ever assembled to take down the Pre-Beast of the East $1k over Pop and Basile. Most recently he and partner Matty Ice finished second in the U.S. Pong Open AC Tournament. The brutal loss lit a fire as Vit ripped off 3 straight tournament victories including a Bid+Flight Satellite in which he shot 3 finals perfect games to take down Kessler and Vince C.

Vit is no stranger to playing late on the final day of a major by cracking the top ten (9th) in his first WSOBP with none other than Sam Pong only to be eliminated by Smashing Time. Last year in Vegas he and Matty Ice had strong, yet disappointing showings in both the East vs West tournament (4th) and WSOBP VI (17th). With the chemistry they have developed look for them to be in the running very deep on day 3.

12. Matt O’Niell

Matt O’Neill has consistently been one of the most underrated players in the entire country but he is no stranger to winning tournaments. His first big victory came way back in 2008 when he and Vince Catizone took down Fraser in the finals of a $1,500 AC tournament. From there, the duo was dominant as they were one of only a few teams to be able to not only compete but beat Smashing Time in their heyday.

Matty Ice quietly finds a way to win many big East Coast tournaments and his biggest to date was the Pre-Beast of the East $1K (spring 2011) which had a stacked and loaded field. He also traveled to Boston last summer and took down the Boston 2K. Most recently though, O’Neill placed 2nd in the US Pong Open $10K along side Mike Vit and this year in Vegas they will look to improve upon a 4th place finish in the East vs West tournament and a disappointing 17th place finish in the main event last year. If you don’t know who he is now, come find him in Las Vegas, he’ll be the Ben Stiller look alike in the sweater vest ripping cups.

11. Sean Foster

Sean is another wild card on the list that when he is playing to his potential is as good as any player in the world. He flirted with retirement after last years World Series, however, he decided it was not the right time to hang it up. Foster has not had a decent year thus far and was unable to win a tournament and was on his longest winning drought in his long pong career until he finally won a satellite this past weekend when he partnered with Kessler at Miami Mikes.

Sean will look to take the momentum of that win and roll it into the World Series where he will be playing with one of the best, Ron Hamilton. There is no doubt these 2 will put together a lot of wins on day 1 and day 2 but that is not the big question here….It is who will be standing next to Ron on day 3. Sean or Haydee????

The Better Beer Pong Players

10. Ron Hamilton

The only player on the list that can rival what Pop has accomplished. He proved in 2010 at the WPT that he could win without Pop leading Welcome to the Jungle to a 2nd place finish and a 4th straight final table appearance. Ron could have been ranked a lot higher but gets overshadowed by how great Pop is but this past November, Ron made an easy adjustment to the 10 foot shot and many gave him the “MVP” award as the best shooter through the course of the tournament. The best attribute about Ron is his confidence in himself, he truly believes he is the best in the world and will have his chance to prove that after finally parting ways with pop and putting an end to the dynasty known as Smashing Time.

9. Thomas Reap

The inventor of the Reap HUNDO (The belief of shooting a perfect game when in reality you missed at least one time and in some cases twice) skyrocketed up many peoples charts into the top tier of players on the East Coast after a great 2011. He has always been a dominant singles player and the only thing previously holding him back from elite status was his inability to handle the pressure of a big shot. Thomas set his mind to silencing the ever so popular chant, “Let Reap Shoot” each time a pressure situation came up. He did just that at the ECBP Championships where he played lights out, especially in the finals series in which he shot almost flawless.

Team “BANGERANG” which you will probably hear echoing through the ballroom numerous times throughout the Vegas experience had an incredible year not only winning the ECBPC but placing 2nd at The Drunken Bear $10K. Reap won a few satellites through the year and even found a way to win in MD, the state that in years past has gotten the better of him. He is coming off a 2nd place finish at the MD States which continued his streak of final table appearances at big tournaments and he doesn’t look to stop there.

8. Kyle Williams

2011 was an up and down year for the NJ pong veteran by starting it off with a disappointing early exit in last year’s series partner Vince Catizone. Not to be shutout, he bounced back to take home the $25,000 AC 9ft tournament in June with a huge win over Carroll County. Mr. Williams has always been a solid player in the NJ pong scene but his breakout performance was the summer of 2010 in AC where his epic singles battles vs Kessler and Sonoma Joe kept everyone in attendance up until the wee hours of the morning.

Since then he has gone on a tear, especially in the past few months, by winning two satellites against some of the best competition in the country. Unfortunately, Kyle will not have a chance to play in Vegas this year due to work obligations but make no mistake about it, he is still one of the most feared shooters on the East Coast and will be back strong next year which is the reason he made this list.

7. Austin Lanham

The Grandfather of MD Beer Pong, is one of the East Coast’s most tenured pongers and every year he seams to improve. Austin doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition he deserves probably because he’s a very humble person. If he boasted more about his skills on facebook like everyone else he probably would be many spots higher on this list. Austin came up just short with Foster last year and decided it was time for a change.

Therefore he linked up with Maryland’s other elite player, Jordan, to form Carroll County. In their debut major tournament (WPT $25,000) he found himself at his first final table but came just short as they lost to East Coast Elite. Austin put some blame on himself for the loss and is determined to get back to the championship game because he has one thing left to fulfill a great legacy and that’s to bring Maryland its first Major Title.

6. Kris Fraser

After many rumors swirling about Bangerang parting ways with such a disappointing WS VI, they decided to give it a run a few more times. The first major test was the DrunkenBear $10K and Fraser played well all tournament long, finding himself at a final table in a major event. Their opponents, Running Riot, end up pulling out the victory, which many called a huge upset. After the second place finish, Kris was hungrier than ever and used that at the $10,000 ECBP Championships where he ran through a tough field to again find himself at a final table. This time he was not to be denied as they knocked off Moment of Truth in a 3 game series finally getting his long awaited big win.

The Best Beer Pong Players

5. Jon Basile

“Pop’s Pong Nerd” could have easily been ranked #2 on this list because some say when he is on and consistently playing no one on the East Coast is better. Basile seams to never get rattled and had a great year winning in every state with multiple partners. During all the events of WS VI he most likely was the MVP by taking 1st in East vs West, 3rd in singles and T-5th in the main portion of the tournament. Basile did not stop there, he went on to win the $2,500 MD Spring Classic with Kessler and a ton of other tournaments through the year. Him and Pop have great chemistry and either player is confident shooting third balls which is why going into the series they are one of the East Coast’s favorites to bring the title back to where it belongs.

4. Vince Catizone

He is as consistent as they come and broke into the elite tier of top pongers not only on the East Coast but in the nation by placing 5th overall in his first World Series(V). Vince moved away from his former partner Fredo which many thought was a mistake especially after a disappointing WS VI. He was determined to prove the naysayers wrong and did just that by leading Kyle Williams(East Coast Elite) to their first major win at Sam Pongs $25,000 WPT main event this past summer.

Him and Kyle eliminated the favorites GMAJB and beat Caroll County in the finals but that was not enough for Vince as he partnered up with Kessler in the East Coast Championships and again found himself at a final table in a mid major. In the end, they lost a close series to Bangerang and came in 2nd, but no one doubts Vince’s skills and don’t be surprised if somewhere along the way Vince takes over and leads Moment of Truth late into day 3.

3. Jordan McAllister

He is Maryland’s most decorated player and was edged out by a few votes as the #2 player on this list. He is always Maryland’s last man standing at every Major and with his long list of accomplishments including sweeping the 2010 MD State singles and doubles titles. After several top finishes with his brother (5th WS V ), Jordan decided it was time for a change and picked up Austin and these two top players in MD formed the team Carroll County. In their first major this past summer at the AC $25,000 tournament, they made the final table however lost to East Coast Elite after a several hour break between their games. Jordan picked up a handful of bids this year and him and Austin look to be Maryland’s best chance at bringing charm city its first title.

2. Kevin Kessler

He has dominated the singles side of play with back to back final table appearances at WS V and VI (1st place WS VI) and 1st Place at WPT 2010. The same can not be said on the doubles side with the exception of a 3rd place finish at WS V.

After finishing 13th at WS VI being knocked out by the team of No Chance.  Followed up by a 4th place finish at the Blondies $10k and then a 2nd place finish at ECBPC $10k. A few have even gone to the extent of calling him the Lebron James of beer pong for his inability to win the “Big One”. Kessler has teamed up with Vince C. and true to their team name it is a “Moment of Truth” for him. With a growing family and a demanding job, rumors are this may be his last world series.

1. Michael Popielarski

No disputes here, the clear cut #1 player not only on the East Coast but in the world, although Reap seams to think he is the Michael Jordan of pong the title goes to Pop. He has 3 Major titles with back to back wins in WS IV and V and an AC $25,000 win in between the two. This accomplishment might never happen again and along with his team success Pop has won several singles titles as well, most recently being the WPT 10ft tournament this past fall.

There really is not enough time to list all of his accomplishments but the only title Pop has not won is the WS singles crown, so look for him to try and add that to his collection this year. With all the restrictions and rules in place, Pop has again cleaned up on the East Coast winning a total of nine world series bids, so it’s safe to say that he is on a roll heading into the series and is out to prove that lasts years early exit was a fluke and has “Hungry Eyes” to once again hold up the $50,000 Big Check.

On The Bubble – Earl, Tim Power, Joe G, Austin Bent, Kilder Cardona

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