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December 30, 2012 - Brandon Marx

The West Coast Heads to Las Vegas – 2012

San Diego, California
“We Invented Swag”
Mark Pimentel Jr. and [Arnold Colella]

Two number 2’s from two different regions equals, one hell of a team. Bigg Mark has paired up with Arizona’s Baby Legend for World Series 8 and everyone across the country has taken note. Mark is San Diego’s premier player and many would argue on another level from any of the other elites. He shoots 75%+ left handed…Mark is usually all fun and games, but when it comes to the series, be ready.

“Super Squirrel Swag”
Aaron Smith and Zack Johnson

Two of San Diego’s top elites are pairing up for one hell of a team! Aaron smith has been on fire this year. Ever since the World Series where he and Kenny Terry made a brief day 3 appearance, he has been unstoppable winning 6 satellites and more than half of San Diego’s weeklies. Zack Johnson has been around the game for awhile now and is quietly one of the top players in San Diego. This team has a ton of potential and should be around come late afternoon day 3.

“Team Troll”
Daniel Grover and Colin Stone

San Diego’s only returning team from last year, Team Troll looks to make another day 3 run. Going 10-2 in last years prelims, many believe Daniel Grover and Colin are both much improved and will be able to pull together a deep run surprising a lot of teams that don’t know their names.

“Biggie Smalls”
Scott Powers and Justin Miller

Probably San Diego’s oldest running team, Biggie Smalls will be going to the World Series for the first time. They have been playing beer pong leagues and attending weeklies for over 4 years. Finally getting their chance at the big stage a very much improved team will look to make a deep day 3 run

“You Dun Goofed”
Anthony Dobbins and Derrick Spinler

Newly 21 year old Anthony “Dobbinator” Dobbins is teaming up with Derrick Spinler for WS8. This will be the first World Series for both of these outstanding shooters. Derrick was one of the members on the San Diego BOW squad and showed he shows up on the big stage. They will be out looking to make a name for themselves and showing how deep San Diego talent goes!

“Chronic Rollbacks”
Kenny Terry and Adam Conrad

Veteran Kenny Terry is teaming up with San Diego’s rookie of the year in Adam Conrad as team Chronic Rollbacks. Ever since arriving in the competitive beer pong arena Adam has been on fire, getting better and better each week. It will be interesting to see how this team does as many expect them to make a deep day 3 run.

“Remember the Name”
Kenny Jennings and [Paul Bashaw]

After a 9th place finish last year Kenny and Paul are setting their sites on number 1. Kenny has had an amazing year winning 7 satellites with 5 first time winners. Paul has been out of the scene the last few months, but I’d put money on him bringing his A game come Day 3.

“Pussy Can’t Be Your Only Hussle”
Mandi Fowler and Jen Lee

Mandi and Jen are by far the best females in San Diego (including Mal “The Claw” Mendez) and possible all of Southern California. They are teaming up for Mandi’s first World Series and looking to crush dreams. I see this team being very underrated and beating some premier out of state teams.

“We Call Shenanigans”
Malerie M Mendez and Carl Cobb

Mal is possibly the best female in all of southern California teaming up with long time one of the nicest kids in beer pong Carl Cobb. Don’t take his personality as a weakness Carl has dramatically improved since leaving long time teammate Oscar. This is a very underrated team and could easily see a day 3 run.

“Off In Church”
Jeremy Hughes and [Ricki Ali]

San Diego’s only World Series Winner and long time partier Fat Kid is teaming up with legendary partier Ricki Ali in this years WS. Should be interesting if they are able to make it to any games, if they do, they could be a real day 3 threat!

Rico Robertson and Alvin Streanes

A candidate for recruit of the year Alvin pairs up with an unknown, but talented Rico. If they can both find their rhythm this is a deadly team. This will be the first World Series for both players so it will be interesting to see how they react under the bright lights of the WS.

Thane Greenfield and [Aarde Cosseboom]

Newly relocated to San Diego from San Luis Obispo Thane and partner Aarde are ready to make some noise at the World Series and will be representing all of Southern California.

Reel Ragui and [Danny Masip]

One of San Diego’s most improved players from last year Oscar looks to make a very deep run with veteran Dboy at this year’s World Series. Both play extremely well in high pressure situations and expect to be there late day 3.

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