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December 30, 2013 - Brandon Marx

The Top Teams From New Jersey Head to the World Series

1. Too Legit to Quit
Kris Fraser and Kyle Williams
Arguably the best team coming out of New Jersey and predicted to finish in the Top 16, these two have yet to play in a major together but have more chemistry on and off the table than most teams. After a very deep run at The Masters by Fraser, tying third with Mark Cerrachio, he looks to make an even better run at the series with Kyle, the $25k AC winner. Will these two big time players take the check and bring the title back to the East Coast?

2. Brick and Dick: The Matt O’Neill Fan Club
Vince Catizone and Mike Vit
Coming in a close second, Vince and Vit look to secure their names in the WSOBP history books. Vince almost partnerless weeks before the series, manages to work out an agreement to lock in Vit and take a run at the $50k. These two top East Coast shooters will look to put the pongtroversy aside and cruise through day 3. Both Vince and Vit are no strangers to the top 16 separately, so together, they will be quite dangerous.

3. Deep Fried Peanuts
Deep Chakrabarty and James Riebl
One of the top NJ players and one of the top NY players join forces again to strike fear in the hearts of hundreds! After their 5th place finish at The Masters in July and another 5th place finish at the East Coast Championship, Deep and James “Karl” Reibl have the skills and have gained the chemistry of a winning team. Both these studs have great past placings at the series but will this be the year they both take the big check? The odds are definitely with these two.

4. Keep One Rolled
Rob Brady and Gary Brady
Fresh off their 3rd place finish at this years East Coast Championships, defeating top teams like Blitzkrieg and Deep Fried Peanuts, these brothers look to make a name for themselves in Las Vegas. Rob, no stranger to day 3, finishing 17th at the Masters, will try to help Gary make his debut a memorable one. Although this is Gary’s first time at the series, the hype is only going to make him better. Will this be the first brother duo to take the check? Look for these two to make some noise and turn some heads day 3.

5. Final Boss
Michael Welsh and Mike Paolli
After a strong run at The Masters, ranked 6th in prelims, this South Jersey team will try to make their presence heard. Welsh, known as the South Jersey guru of pong, may be a turd at heart but he is no joke on the other side of the table and his partner is a stud in his own right. Making day 3 will be a breeze for these Jersey natives, but they have higher goals of cracking the Top 16.

6. B.O.B
Sephy Pensabene and Corey Chonko
Two first time World Series attendees may be rookies to the big stage but not a beer pong table. Both these young studs have been playing since high school and preparing for the series for years! Joey a multiple bid winner last year and Corey, the reason behind the shot clock, may take some time to shoot, but the ball goes in more than not. Another New Jersey team that can easily upset a favorite in this years series!

7. Finkle and Einhorn
Brendan Scalley and Roger Clooney
A decent team coming from the East, not to be taken likely. Definitely the two drunkest players on a table at anytime and possibly the entire ballroom! Expect this team to be in the 9-3 range after prelims but not a serious threat day 3 but these two can quite possibly sneak by a studly team or two.

8. Chelsie Rex and Christina Schmitt
One of the best girl/girl teams competing in the series this year or any year. These two are best friends and will probably out drink you and definitely out party you! These ladies have earned their right to be considered two of the best girls in the country from big coed and singles wins. This team will undoubtedly knock off some guy/guy teams and possibly a few upsets along the way.

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