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October 16, 2011 - Brandon Marx

The Pongstars Service Announcement

Welcome to Pongstars.net, the newest installment in the ever-growing world of beer pong. Pongstars was created to bring a stability and advancement to the internet world of our sport. In the past their has been several innovations in this part of our game, but also failures to fill the needs of beer pong’s community, consisting of unfulfilled promises as well as a lack of consistent effort. Pongstars will not only succeed where others have fallen short, but also bring new ideas to the table. Along with regularly posted multimedia this site will also be focusing on the Women of Pong, Rules and Regulations, and Pongstars sponsored events, including the Pongstars 10k tournament following the World Series of Beer Pong VII.

Pongstars’ main goal is to to be expanding as regularly as possible. Always looking for new partners and ideas, all paths and opportunities will be taken into consideration. In order for beer pong to reach it’s considerable potential it will need the support of everyone and we hope to focus and shape the ideas and needs of the game’s most passionate followers. If you share our desire to help beer pong expand beyond its current limits then please contact us as soon as possible.

With our site now launched our efforts are currently being focused on the Pongstars.net 10k in early 2012. Held in Arizona, this tournament will be the perfect way to reinvigorate all players’ need for competition after the normal post World Series break.This mid-major offers a new payout system that rewards consistent play throughout the tournament. Payouts are rewarded to such achievements as top cup differential in pre-lims, top co-ed/all girls team, as well as payouts to all teams making finals in there respective brackets. Along with the three day 10k, there will also be side events including a singles tournament and a satellite event. What better way to kick off the new season than high level competition, warm weather, and the chance to win a substantial amount of money? Look for more details soon.

Pongstars.net is here for the community and is driven by our love for this game. Monetary gain and other personal success is second to our desire to offer a site and product that caters to our entire community. West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and the South will all be covered. Bias is a thing of the past. If you play pong, we want to hear about it, support it, and be a part of it. Your support means everything to the game and to us. If you like what you see here and want show your support feel free to check out the Pongstars.net store and sport our apparel. Its the beginning of a new chapter in pong. Join us.

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