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May 4, 2017 - Brandon Marx

Team Chemistry is a Four Letter Word

People Love to talk about feuds and rivalries in sports. It’s what keeps us tuned into every Michigan vs Ohio State matchup, Barcelona vs Real Madrid and any event pitting NY vs Boston. What gets lost in the shuffle of those great team rivalries are the feuds that exist between individual players.

Beer Pong is NO DIFFERENT!

Sure, all pong nerds get excited when Blitzkrieg steps up to the table against TNT and for good reason. Two teams who genuinely do not like each other and have no issues saying it on the table. However, the feuds between individual players are highlight worthy as well. Whether it’s a juggernaut battle between BMarx & Ross like last years WSOBP Singles Final or an age old battle on the keyboard between Tyler Spencer and Connor Martin……watching how these battles play out can definitely be worth the price of admission.

Few rivalries, though, if any can come close to equaling the feud that exists between our featured team this month. Yes you read that right…..I said TEAM. By now I’m sure you’ve guessed it; we’re talking about none other than our very own defending World series of Beer Pong Champions, History in the Making(Brandon Clarke and Michael Popielarski)

Within the last calendar year, these two have teamed up to play three big tournaments. Their first event of any significance was WSOBP XI back in July 2016. After a shaky start and few speed bumps in the final 16, History in the Making won with the greatest final table shooting display in the history of the World Series. Two months later, no longer flying under the radar, they found themselves in a familiar spot, the final table at The Battle at the Beach $25K tournament. Despite coming up short in that matchup, they proved that they were not a flash in a pan, but rather they were becoming one of the most feared duos in the game. Even so, with all the recent success It was at this tournament that some kinks in the relationship began to appear.

A few weeks after the VABP event, History in the Making went back across the country to play the West Coast Championships. With these new issues obviously taking its toll on team chemistry, the duo went on to finish 5th overall and while not awful, that was by far the worst showing that they have had as a team at any large event. The following months were highlighted by arguments, fights and many different plans on ending the friendship and partnership. Both public and behind the scenes. Would you like a sneak peek? Of course you would!

Well if you aren’t a neanderthal and have Facebook and you just so happen to be friends with Pop, then you’re no stranger to the memes and name calling all centered around his “POS” partner. I mean Joey Chestnut…I mean Peyton Manning…fuck! I mean BC.

BC’s response? A little more subtle but for Pop it was equally infuriating.

Pop trying to have a rational conversation with said “POS” partner about locking in an upcoming tournament. One can only assume this was the Pongstars.net Spring Classic where BC took 2nd place with partner Tim Williams.

Pop reaches out to a fellow east coaster about getting dropped to discuss the actions of his dear friend because he just can’t understand why they don’t get along when there’s so much love and chemistry on the table.

What could possibly be coming between these two dynamic players? According to one WSOBP veteran in the pong community, it could be as simple as “coming up in two different generations.” He continued: “In Pop’s day, it was you and your partner vs the World. East hated west and you usually played most events together. Nowadays? Everybody loves everybody and those lines that were clearly drawn in the sand a few years ago, are now very blurry.” Translation: In Pop’s mind: History in the Making should be playing every event together from weekly’s to majors. BC’s mind: I want to play with my friends!

Or is it more than that? Is the seeming dislike rooted elsewhere? Is it jealousy and neither willing to give credit to the other? Do BC’s wrinkled and sleeveless shirts ignite Pop’s OCD? Is it Pop’s pre-modonna mentality of “You do whatever I say peasant!” Or, could it be deeper than that? Possibly stemming from off the table when both at one time had the same main squeeze? Who really knows at this point, the mystery continues to go unsolved.

In the end, despite all of the drama over the past few months and the GENUINE hatred for one another they have decided to give it another go but one thing remained to be seen. Could they overcome their differences along with everything that’s been said and be able to play at a high level together again? Well, their first weekend back together in five months equaled two tournaments and two convincing wins!

Looks like the champs are ready for WSOBP XII…..The new question is: ARE YOU????

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