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December 28, 2012 - Brandon Marx

South Top 25

Every day, week, month,and year, after every cash game, weekly, satellite, mid-major, and World Series of Beer Pong there is some sort of discussion(argument) going on in multiple locations across the country about who the Best in the World is, so we at Pongstars.net have decided to create our own ranking systems with our own criteria. These rankings will consists of the Top 25 Players of each respective region so that the recognition of stellar talent and high level of play is properly awarded, continuing with The Midwest which was compiled by respected players and organizers relevant to that region. The criteria used was very simple and will be shared but the value of each will not. Criteria is as follows: Satellites, Current Year Finishes, Last Year Finishes, Partners(Who/Amount), Overall resume, and 1 v 1. That being said, take a look at your current SOUTH TOP 25 PLAYERS!!!

Brandon Marx – The top player of the South, like all #1’s, has a long list of accomplishments and has earned his spot with consistent dominance. Perhaps the simplest stroke in the game, Marx often implements his “dip, bounce, bang” technique to perfection. His smooth stroke has racked up the wins over the years, and this year has been the most successful to date. At the series Marx took 4th in EvW, 2nd in Coed, 3rd in singles, and T-3rd in the Main Event. All of that placing without winning only drove Marx to be better and this summer has been riddled with success. He won both the Pongstars Spring Classic $10k and SWBP Championship $5k for the second straight year, as well as (2) $1k’s, 6 satellites and a 2nd place at the Pongstars $3k, . Brandon will be in the hunt late on day 3 come January 4th and it’s as close to a certainty as you can bet on while in Las Vegas.

Arnold Colella – A fast rising star not only in the South but within the overall community, “Baby Legend” as he’s been dubbed by his peers for his passion to become one of the greatest has taken the scene by storm in his Sophomore year. After a disappointing rookie World Series finish, Arnold has compiled four satellites including a coed and dreaded King of AZ singles, four $1k’s, a BOW $2k, and the SWBP Championship $5k all in the last 11 months. He has honored his one year agreement with his prior partner and decided to part ways by picking up veteran player Mark Pimentel who is no stranger to Day 3 performances. If Arnold plans to do damage deep in the tournament, it’s going to come down to him and his luxurious head of hair as the #1 on the team. The only issue; What’s bigger? His “head” or Fro and will that hinder his play and leadership when it matters most? Only time will tell but nonetheless be prepare to be entertained!

Edan Hemphill – Most probably know Edan as the controversial shit-talker from ABQ. He is consistently the loudest person in the room, especially when he’s on the table. Edan is Albuquerque’s most consistent shooter, and can carry any partner to a tournament win. He broke the top 42 in his first World Series last year with partner Corey Bareford, and has only improved his game since then. He has been on ABQ’s Best-of squad for two BoW’s and two BotS’s, tying for third in the former and taking first in the latter. He has won three satellites this year.

Zack Luckey – Despite the last name, luck has nothing to do with the success Zach has enjoyed over the last couple years. A constant in the Arizona pong scene, as well as nationally, Luckey has been beating the best on a regular basis. His skill has not gone unnoticed and he and partner, Brandon Marx, took the W.S. by storm. Luckey played his way into a 4th place finish in the EvW tournament, and a 3rd place main event placing. Since his great showing in Vegas Luckey has placed 5th at the West Coast Championships, and has raked in two bids as well.

Chris Kingsbury – Superman has risen. Now notorious for his constant Superman shirt openings at the World Series, Chris Kingsbury has made his mark in beerpong. Previously viewed as a king of Skype Pong, Chris brought his talents to Vegas and proved that he was comfortable shooting in any environment. Mr. Kingsbury seemingly found success in every event he participated in. At just WSVII Kingsbury racked up a 5th place EvW finish, a 7th place singles finish, a victory in the random partner draw, and of course Chris played his way to the final table of the main event. With such a successful display of consistency Kingsbury has put his name in the mix with all of the games’ greats. Falling just short in the main event has likely driven Chris to new heights in his game and we can all expect more of the same, if not even more.

David Glaser – If you know anybody out of Albuquerque, you know David Glaser. Definitely the most liked ABQ player, he has traveled and played nearly everywhere in the South and West. He is currently tied with Brandon Marx and Seth Beglis for most satellites wins in the South this year, with 6 bids to his name. He has played in two World Series so far, both with long time partner Sonny Amparan, and the two will be making another attempt this year.

Nathan Cunningham – Definitely the most chastised player in the Southern states for his awkwardly short wardrobe, dreadfully skinny frame, life decisions and over the top FB comments/posts. Yet, with all of that going on, Nate still finds a way to be one of the most consistently top players in the region. Racking up numerous satellite victories every year along with a best 13th place finish at the series, a 2nd place finish at Midnight Madness and winning the Inaugural SWBP Championships in the past two years. This year, Nate is playing with his third partner in just as many years for WSVIII and that is Mesquite $10k sidekick Chris Gracia who helped him acquire 5th place at that event. Nate has the talent to take Chris deep into yet another Day 3 finish, but will all the cash game play get in the way?

Corey Bareford – Though not as loud as his regular partner, Edan, Corey is nothing to forget about on the table. Nobody’s personality changes quite as much when stepping up to the table as his. His normally chill demeanor transforms into a complete determination and focus when he’s shooting. This will be Corey’s second attempt at the Series, after breaking the top 42 last year. He has the same credentials as Edan, and two satty wins. Fresh off a BotS win, he’s ready for Vegas.

Vance Anzaldua – One of the most likeable individuals around for his eccentric personality and ability to humiliate himself well before anyone else, Vance, also known as “Nubs”(Don’t ask to hear the story, there isn’t enough time in the day) is arguably one of the Top #2’s around! No one has more passion to be the best, love for the game, and respect for his fellow community than Mr. Anzaldua. This passion has led two back to back 17th place finishes in WS VI and VII with long-time partner Solomon Hall along with a satellite and $1k win. Vance has convinced his partner to come out of retirement for one last attempt at breaking through the Top 16 barrier. After two straight years of being double dipped in their bracket finals, look for Vance to have more determination than the entire field put together along with a matching voice to help guide Pursuit of Perfection to the only place that honors such a team name….The Final Table!

Joseph Lyle – PeeWee’s been a part of the ABQ pong scene since the beginning, and has always been a threat on the table, especially in singles matchups. Until this year, he always prided himself on only playing with female players, and winning with them. He won many tournaments with his longtime partner Beth, including two coed satellites and placing 13th at the Pongstars/OGP $10k, and they even secured the 2 seed after Day 1 of last year’s World Series. PeeWee also placed 7th at last year’s Mesquite $10k, 5th at last year’s singles event at the Series, and back to back 2nd place finishes in the BotS singles event. Since Beth’s retirement, PeeWee has been playing with ABQ up and comer Tyler Holt, and plans to finally hit that black carpet at his third Series.

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Josh Bird

Christopher Cross

Jason Chichester

Gabe Montoya

Blake Foreman

Mike Donnelly

Jordon Lejuene

Jared Knierman

Solomon Hall

Michael Kesler

Matt Stinson

Trevor Banks

Chris Gracia

Jeremy Peckens

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