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February 7, 2012 - Brandon Marx

Pongstars Weekend

We at Pongstars.net decided long ago, well before the inception of this brain child that there needed to be a new-age style type of beer pong tournament. One that not only paid out a decent pot to First, Second and Third places in order to attract big name travelers but also to be “incentive driven” producing high quality and intense games throughout the duration of the event. Too often at these majors, such as The World Series of Beer Pong and The Atlantic City Championships are individuals discussing that prelims “don’t mean anything” for the fact that good players will always make day three and the partiers will….well, continue to party.

Far too long organizers have been taking, taking, taking and it’s time that this changed. It’s reached a point where the contestants of these events are rightly rewarded and a top heavy prize pool just doesn’t do that anymore.

This is why Pongstars.net has partnered with Ocean Grown Pong and Evans Lager to bring everyone The Spring Classic Shootout. The most anticipated mid major to date. This Orange County, CA hosted event will forever change the way that tournaments should be run by offering incentives for as little as winning one simple prelim game.

Incentives are as followed:

  • Prelim #1 Overall – $150/team*
  • Top Cup Differential(minus Prelim #1) – $150/team*
  • Prelim #1 All Female – $150*
  • Prelim #1 Coed – $150*
  • Most Creative Team Name(voted by players) – $50/team
  • Bounties(Prelims/Bracket)**

*Prizes are guaranteed with ability to increase to entry back based on tournament entries
**Prizes will be announced at the tournament once final teams are announced

We are also working on coming up with a few more unique incentives. If you have any ideas, feel free to email us.
Aside from all of the incentives is a guaranteed $10,000 Prize Pool saved for Day 2 consisting of bracket play that we are all very familiar with. However, the difference here is that you are rewarded for merely advancing to the Final 2/4 of your bracket. Usually when advancing from bracket to bracket you are forced to win, that’s the not case with this event. Let me explain:

Day 2 will consist of the final 32/64/96 depending on tournament entries
There will be (4) 8/16/24 double elimination brackets
The finals of each bracket will play for $750($500/1st and $250/2nd)
The final 4 of each bracket will be re-seeded based on overall record and placed into (2) 8 team double elimination brackets

Final Payouts

  1. $4,000
  2. $2,000
  3. $1,000

With the $10k being the main focus for the weekend, there are three other tournaments that will be just as tough to compete in. The Friday night before will consist of a 128 team Multi-Partner Double Elimination $3k or potential $5k.  This event restricts everyone from playing with the comfort of their normal partner and forces them to try their luck elsewhere. This abnormal restriction at such a high level of competition has bred more powerhouse teams than even the best in the world would like to see. This will definitely hit intensity levels only matched by the yearly East vs West on January 1st, however, in this situation the best in the world are given two teams and two opportunities to win. So an interesting question gets raised by this scenario; Will there be a partner finals in this event and will that pave the way for a $10k victory as well?

Just as difficult as Friday’s tournament will be the star studded singles Saturday night after prelims. Currently set to play are WS/WPT Singles/Doubles Champions Nick Syrgios, Dan Range, Ross Hampton, Sonoma Joe, Byron Findley, and Mike Pop along with some former top finishers in Andy Decaluwe, Mark Pimentel, Peter Rusch, Zack Luckey, Chris Kingsbury and plenty of new comers looking to make a big splash after a poor world series showing. An event that could definitely have a toll on Sunday’s gameplay, Who will be the last man standing?

The final event but definitely not last will be the All Female Satellite taking place during the Men’s Singles competition Saturday night. Ran for the first time in quite a while at the West Coast Championships in Carona, Ca last October, showed that the ladies really do know how to play, especially during pressure situations. Rebuttals after rebuttals and three cup runs after three cup runs, these ladies were on a mission to show that they could compete at a high level as well. During several scenarios we all found ourselves just hanging around one table watching, postponing the rest of the $5k all for the excitement that was being shown on each side of the table.

This is sure to be an event that we highly suggest not to miss! From the incentives and raffles to the location and weather to the competition and friendships, new and old, we at Pongstars.net and Ocean Grown Pong can not wait to see everyone March 30th! Be on the lookout for update incentives and prizes as we are working on sponsors daily!

Oh and did I happen to mention that we have the one and only DJ JOE GREEN working the turntables all weekend long?


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