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WSOBP VII Predictions, World Series of Beer Pong 7 Recap
March 31, 2012 - Brandon Marx

Pongstars.net Spring Classic Predictions

Well it’s almost time for Pongstars.net to kick the tires on its first big event. In cooperation with Ocean Grown Pong the Evan’s Pongstars.net Spring Classic Shootout is less than a few hours away. The year’s first mid major is gearing up in sunny California and some of the game’s best are gathering together for what is sure to be a perfect way to start the season. Of course expectations are high for all players as they want to either cement there place at the top or prove that they belong there. Like any other large scale tournament we are here to predict some of the outcomes and give you all a basis for argument and daily trash talk.

10. Black Mambas
Kick Rocks top talent form a new pairing as Rickey Shepard and Sam Henshaw combine forces to take on the upcoming 10k field. Both players enjoyed a deep run at WSVII and even enjoyed some of the tournaments most memorable (and perhaps painful) moments of the tournament. This team is yet another on a deep list of contenders for the Pongstars 10k, and hope to finish the trip check in hand and tables on the ground…

9. Peter and the Giant Peach
Big Mark and Peter Rusch may be victims of their own success. On Rusch’s flat tire and Big Mark’s breakout performance these two dominated at World Series VI. Since that inspiring run in January 2011 expectations have been higher and higher. Big Mark and Rusch have had plenty of success by anyone’s standards, but when you are as talented as these two the masses grow weary without seeing a victory. Expect yet another deep run out of these two, and perhaps that big win they are clearly due to win.

8. All Night
Perhaps the most under the radar team in the nation, Chris Boyce and Dan Smith have had consistent success at every tournament they have attended. Their unassuming nature on the other side of the table masks the fact that they are as adept at making cups as any team involved with the World Series of Beer Pong. Perhaps the Spring Classic Shootout is just the setting they need to finally break out and get the big win that puts them on the map for good.

7. You Just Jelly
Perhaps the South’s best chance at a title, Kingsbury and Knierman have put there talents together to make a run at glory. Kingsbury is off of a surprise second place finish at the World Series and is likely driven by the hunger to prove it was not a fluke. Though he may not have been shocked by his success, it was unexpected to the community none the less. Now with a Florida elite by his side, look for more of the same, minus the unexpected nature.

6. Wan and Sandoval
Yet another West Coast team with the ability to keep the victory one for the home team. A combination of veteran talent and fresh blood these two may have the formula for victory on a homecourt setting. Mike Wan has not seen the success he was accustomed to for a couple years now, and it is time for a change. Maybe this is just the change that it will take to propel him back to to the top.

5. Remember the Name
Kenny Jennings and Paul Bashaw definitely gave everyone something to remember at this past World Series and it was just the beginning. For all on lookers it was clear that this team was not only talented, but the team chemistry was just as impressive. RTN is one of the few teams that can not only win, but look like they are having fun doing it. California would certainly like for a couple natives to win the title and this is another team that could be up to the challenge.

4. Dane and Zach
Another pair of top Midwest talent making the trip to California is Dane Ellis and Zach Gilkison. A new combination to rise up on the midwestern circuit, these two have been as successful as anyone could hope to be at this point in the season. With a 1k win, as well as a 10k + flight bid they certainly have made it known that they are a winning combination. With a strong showing in Cali, it is possible these two could be a problem for the rest of us throughout the season…and beyond.

3. Blitzkrieg
Mr. Pongstars, Brandon Marx, would love nothing less than to be standing there, hands raised, celebrating a victory in his debut tournament. To help him accomplish this lofty task he has recently recruited East Coast fireball Kevin Kessler. The duo does have experience together and hope to build on it in order to fill their wallets. No one has a bigger target on their back than Marx, but it is not likely to phase him. It’s “his show” and he has proven to be quite the performer.

2. Drinkin Smokin Straight West Coastin
After a World Series VII that ended with a frustrated table punch, Sonoma Joe and Byron are a clear favorite to come out and remind people just how dominating they can be. The past accomplishments for this team speak for themselves, but if you live in the past in this game you are quickly forgotten. Seeing these two walk up to the final table would come as a shock to no one.

1. Flawless Victory
Pretty hard to argue with Flawless Victory being at the top spot. The combination of two World Series champs in Nick Syrigos and Ross Hampton should prove to be a nearly unstoppable force. The anchors that hold St. Louis down as one of the premier pong farm systems, Nick and Ross are as elite as it gets. Flawless Victory is already on a roll this season winning a 10k + flight bid, as well as a World Series bid. It would be shocking if anything but winning this 10k would prevent these two from going home disappointed. In a field loaded with West Coast talent, the midwest may walk home victorious once again.

Well just days from now all of these predictions will go out the window and the tournament will begin. Good luck to all the players who have made the trip and to all those that have not, we hope to see you soon. We would like to thank all in attendance for helping make this happen and we promise to do everything we can to make this the best time possible. We would also like to thank OGP for their hard work in making this happen. See you all soon!


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