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Pongstars Approved
July 15, 2019 - Brandon Marx

Oil Capital $5k | Pongstars Approved Event | Tulsa

Tulsa?  I know, right?  We thought the exact same thing.  But it’s true, the Oil Capital $5k will be the first Pongstars Approved event of the year since the Biggest Little City $10k back in March.  We have worked with the organizers and Baby Ruth’s Sports Bar in helping to make sure this event is a success.  This is paramount when an event wants Pongstars to help their cause by offering our stamp of approval. 

Before we get into that, we wanted to take a minute to refresh everyone on the importance of the stamp.  If you’d like a more indepth look of the what and why, you can head over to the original Pongstars Approval write up from October of 2013.

The Pongstars Approval essentially allows competitors to commit to an event without fear and trust your organizer with guaranteed……

  • Prize Pools; Funds have been secured and ability to pay in a timely manner has been proven and agreed upon
  • Starting Times; Don’t be late because you will be forfeited
  • Structure; The entire event will be as smooth and efficient as you could possibly hope for
  • Formats; If multiple events over the weekend, the organizer is well experienced in each format offered
  • Entry; Fair pricing for what’s being offered as prize pools
  • Dates; Little to no risk of event being cancelled or rescheduled barring a natural/venue disaster of some sort

The Who – The What – The Why

The Oil Capital $5k is a joint effort between Zack McGinnis, Brant Gorham and Nicole from Baby Ruth’s, the location of the event.  Zack has a flawless record for paying out all of his tournaments on the spot with cash.  This will be the second $5,000 event he’s put on and you can expect much of the same.  Brant has helped immensely by securing a great venue with an even greater contact; Nicole.  She’s as dedicated to this events success as Zack, Brant and Pongstars.  She’s proven this by putting her money where her mouth is and offering up $1,000 towards the prize pool!

The main goal of this event is to deliver a larger scale tournament in a centrally located area for the locals of Missouri, Texas and Louisiana who don’t necessarily get the opportunity to travel to either coasts major events.  It’s also a way to jump start the local scene in Tulsa in hopes the community there gets a good taste of the events and competition most of them are missing out on Nationally. 

As the largest event and total prize pool Tulsa has ever seen, it’s expected that this event will fully sell out in a short period of time.  Being that this is a Pongstars Approved event, tickets will be sold through our new online ticketing platform.  You can purchase those tickets directly through the event listing in the tournaments section or just click on the attachment below.  If you’re in the need of securing some partners, you should visit the event’s Facebook Page to see who’s available to play.


Oil Capital Beer Pong | $5,000 Guaranteed | Baby Ruth’s

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