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December 30, 2013 - Brandon Marx

Nor Cal Heads to the World Series

Stretch Armstrong
Craig Smith | Chris Jacobsen
Craig and Chris hail from Sonoma, California, but they strangely do not have the word “Sonoma” in their nicknames like some people…These two bursted onto the beer pong scene at the Masters of Beer Pong this July with a strong ninth place finish in a stacked field of opponents. Craig was a member of the 2013 champion Best of the West squad, and he won 3 WSOBP IX satellites in November alone. Chris is no slouch either as he won both a Master’s and a World Series Satellite this year. Expect another deep run from this up-and-coming squad.

Drinkin’ Smokin’ Straight West Coastin’
Mike Seivert | Byron Findley
No introduction necessary for the reigning WSOBP champions and Atlantic City Champions in 2010. These two form one of the most decorated teams in beer pong history. It is impressive to watch these two, who only play a handful of times all year, come out and dominate the competition, especially last year when they persevered through the most grueling third day schedule of any team. They have to be one of the favorites to take home first place again based on their track records alone, but it is always difficult for a team to repeat in a major, especially with the ever increasing competition at the World Series.

Team Merika
Matt Mooney | Erika Newcomb
One of the top coed teams coming out of California, and hoping to be a top team in the country. Matt Mooney is the founder of Nor Cal Beer Pong and he knows what he is doing whether it be behind a computer screen or shooting ping pong balls into cups. Most people remember him as the other half of “The MoonPoon in Grady Show” finishing 10th in the Mesquite 10K, 3rd in East vs West and 17th in the main at WSOBP 7. After taking a break from the game for a while and missing WSOBP 8 he burst back onto the scene finishing 9th at the Masters. He has had several deep runs into major tournaments and he looks to continue with his new found partner. Erika Newcomb is a woman, but do not take her lightly. She won a satellite against tough competition in Southern California and she takes pride in her game and is one of the top females on the Ocean Grown Pong circuit.

Heating Up Like a Dutch Oven
Brian Cherney | Bryan Silver
This is a newly formed team that has potential to do some serious damages. Brian Cherney is an astute student of the game that takes pride in preparation, repetition, and routine. He has made deep runs with in multiple tournaments with multiple partners such as finishing 5th in the East vs West in 2011 and he is one of the easiest players to play with. Bryan Silver is a constant winner of weekly tournaments in Sacramento and has saved his prizes in search for the big prize in Las Vegas. These two make a killer combination and they are looking to make a deep day 3 run and could be trouble for any team in their pod.

Now or Never
Andrew Breech | Luis Ochoa
These two made their first major appearance together at the Masters of Beer Pong and beat several quality teams on their way to a 17th place finish, including the eventual champions. Both shooters are lights out when they are in the zone and very well could surprise everyone at this years World Series. Recently they won a WSOBP satellite tournament in which Da Breecher won both brackets defeating Luis in the finals of 1 bracket and winning with him in the other and seemingly did not miss any shots in his last 4 games. As long as they stay sober enough to stand and don’t get kicked out of the ballroom this team is dangerous.

The Shark & The Barracuda
Joe North | Shi Sterling
These guys are first timers to the World Series and have great team chemistry. They win weeklies weekly, and argue with the tournament organizers daily. Shi came dangerously close to winning his first satellite two weeks ago, but fell just short with a 2nd place finish. These guys are excited to party and compete and they are ready to carry on the NorCal tradition of far day three finishes.

Nate Adkins | Nate Wong
This somehow unknown squad finished 7th in WSOBP 7 and are a combined 21-1 in prelims over their two WSOBP’s together. Nate Adkins also finished 9th in the Masters with Matt Mooney and is quite possibly one of the most underrated players in the world. They knocked out fellow NorCal powerhouse DSSWC in WSOBP 7 yet still no one knows who they are, but those who do will tell you to think twice about underestimating their talent. In the words of Kevin Hart “you gonna learn today!”

Chernobyl Diaries of a Mad Black Woman
Nolan Jones | Nick Lee
Nolan has without question become a household name in the pong community whether it be from his witty sarcasm or on the pong table,he’s winning. Nolan and Grady Hunt finished a disappointing 17th in WSOBP 8 after breaking the unimportant and overrated cup differential record because they lost twice to some overage guys in mullet wigs. Last time the world saw Nick Lee play he was playing by himself at WSOBP 8 because his partner was thrown out after he stole Michael Klobier’s sunshine. As long as Nolan doesn’t get thrown out of this tournament it should be ruled a success, but they are also poised to make a deep run. With team chemistry up the yin yang and dangerous shooting touch these two are looking to win some money at the World Series.

The Everlasting Gobstoppers
Matt Titus | Jason Patterson
These are two veteran NorCal players who are teaming up to make a strong showing at the World Series. Matt Titus aka “T” is a NCBP orginal who has been around since the beginning and Jason came along just a couple years later. They have won countless weekly tournaments and a few satellites over the years. These guys have been playing with the best of them for a long time and have no fear of anyone at the table. Be careful because they just might pull off some big upsets along the way if they get hot at the right time.

Billy Warren | Donnie Beeler
After just a few months of playing competitive pong these 2 party animals experienced their very first major last year at WSOBP 8 finishing 8-4 in prelims and making day 3 with little experience. A full year later, numerous weekly tournament wins and dozens of Satellite appearances under their belt these 2 are ready to make a name for themselves. They have quickly become a top talent in NorCal and have full confidence in one another at the table. It wouldnt be a shock to anyone who knows them if they make a deep run.

Ricky Mendoza | Stephen Jackowski
Yet another team coming out of Sonoma,Ca. These two have traveled to Sacramento for multiple weekly tournaments and satellites this year and always seem to finish near the top. Ricky also won a Satellite down in Bakersfield, Ca earlier this year with Craig Smith and is a nasty shooter at times. This dynamic duo could very well be a force to be reckoned with going into day 3.

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