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December 27, 2011 - Brandon Marx

Is the Juice Spoiled?

Is trouble brewing between Power House team of Get Me a Juice Box, Mike Pop and Jon Basile? With all the bans and restrictions, they haven’t played in as many tournaments as last year and this seems to be causing some friction between the two. Pop has been playing most of his tournaments with his new “nerd” Joe G. They have been winning a lot in long island and in NJ as well. This has caused a weird “Love Triangle” as the dislike between Basile and Joe G is evident every week. (That’s for another story though)

Get Me a Juice Box has had some bad losses recently:

At the ECBPC $10k in Atlantic City in November, Pop missed the start of day 2 and the team had to forfeit in the winners bracket but fter fighting through the losers side they eventually were defeated by eventual Champions, Bangerang.

Two weeks ago in All American Beer Pong’s Skype $2500 tourney, GMAJB lost twice in the finals to team X’s and O’s(Lenny/Rickey) after destroying everyone and missing only five shots total throughout the winners bracket.

Just last week at RC Dugans (long island’s weekly cash tournament) Pop and Basile faced off in a singles semifinals match where Basile got the best of his partner. However words were exchanged with Pop saying “I made you, I got you your new car” and Basile replying with “You’re the biggest choke artist in the game”.

Merely one day later at Pinups (NJ weekly cash tournament ran by cdotjersey), Pop and Basile finally played together and were ousted before they were even able to reach the finals.

These two definitely need to get on track before the World Series and the East vs West tournament should be a good indication as to where they are at as a team. Expect a top three finish by them as they look to regain their composure to attempt a World Series VII win.

They definitely are one of the favorites as Basile looks to get his first taste of a championship. Pop is going for his unheard of third World Series Title and fourth big Major Championship victory. He has been in rare form lately winning nine world series bids and a 10 foot singles championship in the past few months. If they get on the same page look for them in the top four easily but if not look for the blame to spread out both ways…The pressure is on for Get Me a Juice Box!

-East Coast Insider

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