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November 6, 2012 - Brandon Marx

East Coast Top 25

Every day, week, month,and year, after every cash game, weekly, satellite, mid-major, and World Series of Beer Pong there is some sort of discussion(argument) going on in multiple locations across the country about who the Best in the World is. Everyone is already reminded on a daily basis who the Best in the Universe is, so we at Pongstars.net have decided to create our own ranking systems with our own criteria. These rankings will consists of the Top 25 Players of each respective region so that the recognition of stellar talent and high level of play is properly awarded, starting with The East Coast which was compiled by respected players and organizers relevant to that region. The criteria used was very simple and will be shared but the value of each will not. Criteria is as follows: Satellites, Current Year Finishes, Last Year Finishes, Partners(Who/Amount), Overall resume. That being said, take a look at your current EAST COAST TOP 25 PLAYERS!!!

Kevin Kessler –
The most outwardly confident player in the sport has more reason than ever to talk a big game. He has been backing it up all year. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, or how big the table is, Kessler is out for blood. He has won every which way you can think of. Whether it was the Pongstars.net $10k or AC championships, Kessler has been at the top of his game winning multiple tournaments, with different partners. Though all the success has certainly been nice, he is not so easily satisfied. He has his eyes set on the biggest prize of all, a World Series Championship.

Thomas Reap-
There could be a thousand teams at this years WSOBP but somehow everyone will always be able to know where Reap is. He relishes the spot light and his personality and game draw crowds. The defending ECBPC Champions, Bangarang continues to defy the odds and build on each success, seamingly getting better every time. In a somewhat shallow bid season for the East Coast, Reap has still managed to collect 4 bids. Look for him to bring his talents to Las Vegas come January.

Ron Hamilton-
Somehow Ron Hamilton continues to prove people wrong. It’s not surprising that he is, but that he has to. Ron Hamilton is now the #1 ranked player in the world via beerpong.com, and has every right to be. Three Majors won, a second place finish, and another deep run at least years World Series that ended in dispute. When it comes to the biggest stage Ron is always leading the show. The best last cup shooter in the game, he may not have many tournament showings this year, but once he does, just try to stop him.

Michael Popielarski-
The former greatest player to ever step up to the table has fallen three spots on the East Coast list, despite being in the game for over six years. A multi-major champion, Pops is still one of the last players anyone wants to see on the other side of the table. Look for him to add his 5 bids and second place finish at this years West Coast Championships. When you have had as much success as Pop, anything short of winning is a disappointment.

Vince Catizone-
Another top talent that has not seen the table much in 2012, Vince Catizone is still a top 5 player bordering the Atlantic. Vince has collected the only bid he will need, and though Kessler may be hoping to see Vince playing a little more going into Vegas, rest assured Vince has plenty left in the tank to make Moment of Truth one of the odds on favorites to make the final table. His experience alone gives him advantage against 99% of the competition.

Kris Fraser-
The other half of Bangarang, Fraser plays the quieter role on the team, but is just as confident. The silky smooth shot of Fraser never goes out of style and has lead to a lot of success over the last few years. Like others he has only won a single bid this season, but I do not believe many players take that into consideration when facing off against him, at least the smart ones aren’t. He and Reap are the definition of a team, only making each other better. But don’t only worry about Bangarang. Fraser is equally as formitable a foe in the singles tournament.

Jordan McAllister-
One of the best singles players in our game’s history, his game has never been a secret. But all that singles talent shouldn’t take away focus from his great career as a doubles player. Whether playing with his brother or with Austin Lanham, Jordan has been Mr. Consistency, hitting big shots game after game, year after year. He is the proof that psycheouts can play almost no role in competitive pong. He lets his game do the talking, and it has more to say than the most raucous of competitors. With bid in hand, Jordan will be in attendance yet again come WSOBP time.

Austin Lanham-
Right behind teammate Jordan, Austin comes in at #8 out of the East. One of the fathers of East Coast pong, his work to build up the game has been invaluable. However, all he has done off the table, he has equally accomplished on it. A consistent force in the game he has been a part of two contending teams (3 if you’re counting Foster’s alter-ego) and always finds his stride late in tournaments. With an East Vs. West championship under his belt with Jordan the pressure to win on the biggest stage no longer exists.

Jon Basile-
Many may find Basile’s spot at #9 surprising, but in a field as stacked as the East Coast it takes a consistently dominant performance record to stay at the top. Always fluctuating, Basile could find himself atop this list in no time with the talent he possesses. Another great contribution to this game is his success while standing under six feet tall. For those that think height is everything in lean pong, feel free to play against Basile. A former EvsW champ and singles terror, Basile has been among the best for a over two years now and does not appear to be going anywhere.

Joseph Giammarino-
Perhaps one of WSVII’s biggest surprises, Joe G’s second place finish in singles was certainly a head turner. A big time up and comer on the East Coast he certainly let the rest of the country know what he had to offer when he stepped up against Ross in the singles finals. However, with great accomplishments, comes great expectations. No longer overlooked as another talented player, Joe G will have to play with a target on his back, and even more to prove. He will have to be more polished than ever, and with the talent in the East Coast, that should not be difficult.

Kyle Williams
Rickey Posada
Sean Foster
Mike Vitello
Jason Davenport
Lenny O’Rouke
Paul Toland
James Riebl
Ryan McAllister
Austin Bent
Earl Smith
Shane Shepard
Richard Pachett

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