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October 29, 2013 - Brandon Marx

East Coast Championship Prediction List

With the 4th annual East Coast Beer Pong Championships just a mere 60+ hours away, Pongstars.net has compiled all stats necessary to bring another prediction list to entertain the masses. With such a star studded field once again, we only see a handful of teams, eight to be exact, that have a viable chance of taking this tournament down. With states like Arizona and Missouri making the trip to the east coast once more, it only adds to the excitement of the already incredibly talented field that will be gathered in one ballroom. Speaking of all that talent, let’s get right into the list starting with the projected 8th Place finishing team:

Another recent combination of talent, Riebl and Deep found a rhythm at the Masters and rode it all the way to the end of day 3. One of two squads to beat Flawless Victory on day 3 of the Masters only to miss on advancing by cup differential, these two sneak up on teams and leave them shaking their heads. Deep has always found a way to win games, consistently finding himself in the mix at the end of the day. With that said, he gets a nod into the top 8 predictions, but if he can’t surprise us will that slow him down?

The team name says it all. The Best You’ve Never Heard Of. Though many of us have already experienced the talent of these two, this tournament should solidify both as top tier talent. The faces of the next generation of beer pong Brent and Tyler can play with anyone and have already done plenty to prove it. The only thing missing is a deep run in a big tournament and soon that will be a thing of the past. Lets be clear, this team could not only make a deep run…but win. Don’t take our word on it, ASK, they have beaten the best. Or don’t listen, and find out the hard way.

Ricky and Dix have once again found each other on the same side of the table and hope to continue the success they have had together in the past. The runners up at the Louisiana $5k (Ricky sat out) found cohesion and success early in their career as teammates. Since that tournament Dix has developed into one of the best players in the South. A new level of ability added into their past experience together is a recipe for made cups. The only thing that could hold them back is a change in team dynamic. Now that Rob has improved so much, does it change shooter selection in key moments? Guess we won’t know until game day.

The current “Masters” of beer pong look locked as partners indefinitely. Many consider Flawless Victory as the favorite to win the title, and they very well could. Led by the best player in the game, Ross Hampton, Flawless Victory already has major and mid-major wins across the country. It also doesn’t hurt to have another World Series Champion at your side. There was a time when Nick Syrigos was in the argument as the best in the world, but has settled into his roll with Ross seeing nothing but dollar signs since. Player stature and role aside these two are as good as it gets and stand to send a lot of players home empty handed come game day. So why number 5? Odds. The odds are against them to win yet again. Someone is due to get the best of them, and likely will, as hard as that will be.

A team that came incredibly close to putting their name in the record books as major champions. Toland and Chewie took an amazing 3rd place finish in this year’s World Series, losing their chance at the final table to eventual champion, DSSWC. Like most players, the chip on their shoulder from that experience will likely push them to even bigger and better places. An East Coast Championship may not heal the wounds, but it would certainly cement them as one of the very best teams in the world and a true contender to finish what they started come January.

Yet another pairing of upper echelon talent, Fraser and Marc C. winning would not shock anyone. With a deep masters run under their belt, experience on the table is not an issue (let alone height). A team that was ousted in one of the best games in major history, is surely hungry to finish the job and cash in. Posts have already been made predicting their victory, which should only add to their growing confidence. Getting to the end shouldn’t be an issue, but its the final hurdle that keeps them at the number 3 spot. Once they make that hurdle, a future top ranking prediction is sure to follow.

Blitzkrieg continues their onslaught against the beer pong world, the defending champions could easily walk away with a repeat if they can reenact last years performance, including a cold-blooded 20/21 in games 2 and 3 of the finals. Confidence is in no short order when it comes to these two, as they have no problems making it known that they are the team to beat, and include the best in the universe. If the finals come down to these two projected teams it will likely boil down to Kessler vs a former partner. This round (and the endless facebook onslaught) going to, you guessed it, Vince Catizone. All bricks aside, this team will not give any games away and will be as tough an out as there has ever been.

As you know by now, Pongstars.net predicts a rise back to the top by two veteran superstars. Though most of their fame was accrued over countless games with different partners, the common goal will bring these two together for a vindicating win. Easily two of the best players to ever get involved in the sport, Pop and Vince have nothing more to prove, unless you ask them of course. Beer pong has a revolving door of elite talent, but these two continue to find themselves atop the totem pole. However, a recent big win has eluded them both. An elite players greatest strength is never getting complacent, and not surprisingly these two have joined forces to reclaim the winners circle. The only thing holding them back is a lack of time on the table together in big situations, but when you rarely miss, it rarely matters.


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