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Team Chemistry is a Four Letter Word

People Love to talk about feuds and rivalries in sports. It’s what keeps us tuned into every Michigan vs Ohio State matchup, Barcelona vs Real Madrid and any event pitting NY vs Boston. What gets lost in the shuffle of those great team rivalries are the feuds that exist between individual players. Beer Pong is […]

WSOBP IX Pongtroversey

Another World Series is just around the corner and one would think that means nothing but anticipation and uncontrollable excitement for the arrival of January 1st. While this may be true for the vast majority, there’s always a couple of individuals who become involved in some pretty serious “pongtroversey”, specifically revolving around partnerships. If the […]

What Are Beer Pong Partners For?

“I guess in life and in sports we all know that nothing lasts forever. Times change, circumstances change, and that’s the reality of playing in the NFL.” This quote sent shock waves through the NFL and the rest of the sports world back in March of 2012. Former 4 time NFL MVP Peyton Manning was […]

Let Brick Shoot!

It’s in our nature as humans to feel the need to have our strong and often times stubborn opinions heard. With two sides to every story, getting our point across more often than not comes as a double edged sword. Having a radical opinion can come with a price; every human and competitor alike knows […]

Who’s Fault? Definitely Yours!

Blame and anger are two emotions that are most commonly associated with losses in professional sports. As fans and competitors alike, its in our nature to look for an excuse, or an outlet of sorts for our displeasure when a specific goal isn’t reached or an expected outcome isn’t achieved, and in the case of […]

Is the Juice Spoiled?

Is trouble brewing between Power House team of Get Me a Juice Box, Mike Pop and Jon Basile? With all the bans and restrictions, they haven’t played in as many tournaments as last year and this seems to be causing some friction between the two. Pop has been playing most of his tournaments with his […]

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