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Beer Pong Tournament Financing
March 28, 2020 - Brandon Marx

Beer Pong Tournament Financing

Beer Pong Tournament Financing

Remember when your mom used to go shopping at K-Mart in September and put a down payment on your Christmas presents so that she wouldn’t totally forget about you around the holidays like she does the rest of the year? Me too.

Layaway is the time honored tradition of knowing that you are too broke to pay for something now, but also too irresponsible to save up and buy it later. It takes a special kind of self-awareness. A self-awareness that we think maybe some beer pong players might possess, maybe.

All kidding aside, financing products, events, and tickets is an extremely useful tool for consumers. It ensures that you lock in a ticket early rather than letting an event sell-out, while not having to pay the full price until later. It helps avoid late fees. It allows consumers to “flatten the curve” of their expenses over time, rather than bombarding their bank accounts with purchases at a time when there just simply aren’t enough funds to go around.

For the first time ever in a beer pong tournament, we want to make your life easier. In these trying times of disease, unemployment, failing stocks, cryptocurrency (are you guys still doing that?), and social distancing, it is important that we all come together (not literally, ew, germs). We are doing so by allowing the players an option to finance the entirety of the Reno Beer Pong Blowout 2020 in 4 easy payments.

Players are always telling us “I know sign ups end Friday, but can I pay you half now and half next month.” Well, no, you can’t. But you can pay a little bit up front now and lock in your place in all of these events – several of which will sell out.

How Tournament Financing Works

A ticket will provide the purchaser with one ticket of entry for each of the following events:

  • Singles
  • Switcholio
  • 6v6 Draft
  • 2v2 $10k Main Event

By purchasing, the player agrees to a down payment of $65 followed by three months of equal $75 payments.  The initial deposit is non-refundable as it gives you the benefit of locking in price and entry, but the remainder of the payments are refundable should you be unable to attend the event.

In its current form, once a payment plan ticket is purchased, the player will receive notifications each month that their next payment is due along with instructions on how to complete them.  In the near future this will change to automatic payments upon due date.  Players will also be able to choose very specific and flexible options that suit their needs the best.

Due to the fact that we still have deadlines where entries need to be fully paid, this option does have an expiration date and will expire at different times for different events.  The Reno option specifically will no longer be available after April 18th being that exactly three months later registration is closed.

Benefits of Tournament Financing

  • Helping players minimize late fee sign ups
  • Reduce procrastination by taking the responsibility of managing sign up process away from the player
  • Reduce the financial burden on the player by breaking up payments
  • Provide organizers with more secured up front full retail payments which could help improve the event experience overall
  • Providing as many sign up options as possible for the many different levels of financially responsible/irresponsible player
  • Encourages organizers to announce events much earlier so that payment plans could be longer and less infringing on the players finances while limiting excessive discounts
  • Additional feature to the already long list of benefits when getting your tournament Pongstars Approved

Other Notes

With events like BOE, BOMW and BOW all having double main events now the average ticket price has increased greatly. Financing will help get more people out to events while helping the players manage their funds in the long term.

For the upcoming Reno event in July we are only offering Financing with full event participation. Essentially, we have made this event so affordable for the players already that it likely does not make sense to do a payment plan unless you play in all of the events. Of course, we also encourage you to play in all of the events because they will be a fun time. This is an added benefit if you choose to do so.

The rate is the normal retail price. There are no fees for registering late or early bird pricing with the financing program. Just the regular rate that you would pay if you bought a normal ticket.  The only late fee you will incur will be from missed payment due dates.

Again, the deposit is non-refundable but anything beyond that will be if cancellation needed. Of course, if the event itself is somehow cancelled due to natural disaster or government interference, we will fully refund everyone, so buy with confidence even with everything going on right now.

If reading this has peaked your interest and you’ve now decided to come to Reno.  Its time you followed this link for the Reno Beer Pong Blowout Tournament Financing page and get signed up today!

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