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Lino Duarte
July 2, 2019 - Brandon Marx

Beer Pong Madrid | Lino Duarte | Organizer Spotlight

Name: Lino Slegers Duarte

Age: 27

Location: Madrid, Spain

Organization: Beer Pong Madrid

Website: BeerPongMadrid.es

Facebook: @BEERPONGMadrid

Instagram: @beerpongmadrid

Favorite Local Player: None

Favorite USA Player: None

What is Beer Pong Madrid?

BEER PONG Madrid – What comes to mind first when reading that?  For many Americans they’d probably immediately try to figure out where Madrid is located.  Many Europeans would instantly bring to mind Lino Duarte and his rampant supply of events across Spain.  As for us, well, we see nearly 27,000 followers on Facebook/Instagram, a website dedicated to consistent content and a social media presence that everyone should model their businesses after.

This is a brand that’s main focus is revolved around content and awareness.  They post every single day on every platform managed whether it be a simple set of pictures from the night before, promoting an event that day or a creative infograph that represents the hometown of that month’s winners.  They also hold nine events every week across five different bars/clubs.  The average cost to play is a mere 3 Euros with a prize of 100-150 Euros.  Needless to say, when it comes to Beer Pong in Spain the mecca most certainly is Lino Duarte and Beer Pong Madrid!

Lino Duarte and beer pong in Spain

Pongstars: Lino, Welcome!  We appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions for us so that we can properly introduce you to the American Beer Pong scene and vice versa.  First off, we always like to know how organizers were first introduced to the game and why would they pursue event organizing in the way you have?

Lino Duarte: I discovered the game like most, in a traditional house party environment.  From then I believed that the idea of organizing a proper style tournament could work.  I started with one weekly event and over the years we’ve grown to NINE separate events each and every week here in Madrid.

PS: Nine weekly’s is no small task!  We commend you for the work that you must have to put in every day!  Now, did you start out as a organizer or were you a player first who noticed a void that needed to be filled?

LD: I went straight to hosting.  I do play sometimes, but I’ve always believed that Beer Pong Madrid could be my lifetime project so I’m 200% focused on making this work.  Playing is just a hobby for me.

PS: One thing that beer pong always gets a bad rap for are the unfortunate situations that sometimes arise at a tournament.  What’s the toughest situation you ever dealt with during one of your events?

LD: Nothing to crazy, just players getting too competitive and aggressive at times.  Plus, alcohol effects can quickly turn any situation into a fight.

PS: What is your favorite venue to host at and why?

LD: Here in Madrid we are currently working with five different pubs/clubs.  My favorite one would have to be O’Brian probably because of the amount of space and great lighting we have in there.


More about what makes BEER PONG Madrid special

It’s not just their dedication to the players, their followers and venues that makes Beer Pong Madrid so special.  It’s everything else Lino, at a young age of 27 and his team bring to the table.  A quick visit to beerpongmadrid.es and their blog will shed some light on this.  It’s not all about beer pong for them.  Lino makes sure to keep the community well informed for all things Madrid, whether you’re a local or tourist in their lovely city.

These blog entries include everything from local events during holidays and how to survive them as well as numerous tips for college students from sleeping to eating healthy.  Aside from other tips on “How to Stay Fit in Madrid” and my personal favorite “Must-Eats of Madrid“, Lino doesn’t forget to leave out some of the more important contributors he has; Their Partners.   Most recently his newest partnerships include:

  • Lydia; Recognized as one of Europe’s leading free mobile payment apps.  Ranked #1 in France and has set about conquering other European Countries.
  • Madrid Fly; Their flight chamber is the largest wind tunnel in Europe, the first in the community of Madrid and the only one in the world that is fully adapted.
  • JLeos; Inspired by the fast-casual trend originated in the US that has changed the way we go out.  A cool environment with fresh gourmet food and no waiter service.

Lino Durate answers some of our more random thoughts on beer pong

PS: I noticed that you use bpong tables but not their cups.  This seems to be a very common thing in Europe where organizers only go with the traditional solo cup.  Why is that?

LD: Red Solo cups are the only ones that we can find here in Spain.  Making our own ones with logos or buying bpong represents a higher cost.  Beer Pong Madrid is trying to keep the prices low because our community is largely built on students.

PS: As an organizer first you may feel differently than others but do you think organizers should participate in their own events?

LD: No, our staff can not participate.  We provide a service for our clients so that we avoid any kind of argument with them because of this.

PS: If you could host any event, the perfect event, what would that look like?

LD: More than the competition itself, I just want to sell the moment.  Meet people from all around the world that share the same passion as you do.  Having drinks, food and create a good community spirit!


Beer Pong. Europe. USA. Where do we go from here? 

PS: This will be a two parter; Where do you think we go from here as a sport and from an organizer’s standpoint, what are some things you wish to tell the player base to help run a better event?

LD: I most certainly think beer pong should be considered a sport but the hardest part for us is to explain and they accept that alcohol is a part of it.  As far as the players, I would wish they keep respectful when trash talking and most importantly to have fun more than being competitive and aggressive.

PS: Are you at all familiar with the players and organizers in the USA and have you ever attended an event here?  If not, is there one event you may like to experience?

LD: I’m familiar with little and don’t have any relationship in USA but would love to!  I have not been to an event in the USA.  I guess I would go to the WSOBP since it is the most famous one.

PS: Last question Lino!  Again we greatly appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.  What do you think about the current state of Beer Pong in Europe?  Where do you see it going and how do you think we get there?

LD: When I first started no one knew anything about beer pong in Spain, now we’ve made it really popular.  I’m hoping the same effect might happen in many other countries across Europe because I believe that it could get as big as it is in the USA.  And I WANT TO BE A PART OF IT!!!


Did you enjoy learning more about our European counterparts?  If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!  We’d also love to hear some suggestions of other organizers you think deserve some recognition for what they do for their communities!

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