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October 2, 2012 - Brandon Marx

BasketPong Heads to WCC

Basketpong is a new and revolutionary tailgating game that optimizes portability by utilizing an easily assembled, compact setup with a vertical backboard and they are heading out to California for the 2nd Annual West Coast Championships to hold the first West Coast Associated Basketpong Tournament for FREE ran by Thomas Reap of Virginia.

This game is ideal for any and all tailgating events but Basketpong wants to broaden their horizons by utilizing the competitive beer pong community and their large scale cash prize tournaments. Therefore, they have partnered up with Pongstars.net to bring you this very fun and challenging game to San Diego during the weekend of October 12th – 14th at PB and Bar Grill. This FREE tournament will consist of anyone who does make it to the second day of the main event and/or goes 0-2/1-2 in bracket play all depending on total team count. They will be giving away $500 in cash and prizes as well as numerous freebies such as t-shirts and other goodies.

The format will be a standard double elimination event ran through the tournament software so that it’s completely random and will run parallel to the actual main event of the day. Prizes are as followed:

1st Place – 1 FULL Court set($200 Value) + $50
2nd Place – 1 HALF Court set($100 Value) + $30
3rd Place – 1 HALF Court set($100 Value) + $20

Very similar to that of competitive beer pong, Basketpong is designed for two teams of two, with 2 balls, a shooting distance of 8 feet and a playing height of 6 feet. Opposing teams alternate shooting the balls at the other team’s Basketpong goal. The first team to clear all of the cups from the opposing team’s goal wins the game! For the official rules that we will be using CLICK HERE.

We are really looking forward to this “all about fun” style side event at The West Coast Championships and hope everyone enjoys it enough to continue this partnership and continue the growth of this game as we have with beer pong itself. If you would like any other information about this product and their whereabouts, head on over to BasketPong and take a look at everything they have going on. Also look for Pongstars.net to be a direct outlet for this product in the near future!

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