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December 28, 2011 - Brandon Marx

Fantasy Beer Pong Draft | First Annual

Fantasy Football has changed the way American watch the game, and has garnered the interest of casual fans, hardcore enthusiasts, and gamblers who don’t even watch football. It has gotten so popular, that most sports have their own variants of the same system. We thought it was about time the same thing was done with pong, and so the first Fantasy Beer Pong Draft was formed, occurring on Tuesday, December 27th.

The basic premise is that each team “manager” would draft a team of 8 pongers, and how well those pongers do at the WSOBP 7 would determine the amount of points that manager receives. At the end of Day 3, the points will be tallied and the manager with the most points wins the league. The points system is as follows:

*10 pts per game win
*1pt per cup in cup differential (this goes both positive and negative)

Bonus Points for placement on Day 3:

  • 10 points: Placed 17-32
  • 20 points: Placed 9-16
  • 30 points: Placed 5-8
  • 35 points: Placed 3-4
  • 40 points: Placed 2nd
  • 60 points: Placed 1st

The Fantasy Beer Pong Draft Begins

The fantasy beer pong draft was conducted over facebook group messaging within the National Beer Pong Facebook Group, and since none of the participants had ever done a fantasy beer pong draft, we really didn’t know what to expect. I was betting on hopefully having out-researched my competition utilizing the many rankings put out by Pongstars.net.  For anyone wondering what those look like, you can find them here: East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and South.  The managers in the inaugural league were (along with their draft order):

  1. Mike Vit
  2. Ryan De Hoop
  3. Travis Kozlowski
  4. Sonny Amparan
  5. Gabriel Montoya
  6. Chris Gillooly
  7. Seth Beglis
  8. Steve Healy
  9. Jordon LeJeune
  10. Jeremy Peckens
  11. Brandon Marx

Round 1:

Mike picks Mike Pop
Ryan picks Kevin Kessler
Travis picks Jon Basille
Sonny picks Nick Syrigos
Gabe picks Vince Catizone
Gillooly picks Mike Seivert
Seth picks Brandon Marx
Healy picks Jordan McAllister
Jordon picks Andy Decaluwe
Jeremy picks Byron Findley
Marx picks Zack Luckey

No real surprises here. Pop and Kessler were the obvious first two picks. The only odd choice might have been Syrigos over Vince C., even though Nick has won the big check before. I’m sure Marx was a bit flustered that he couldn’t pick himself, though getting his partner Luckey amounts to the same thing. My first pick, since I wasn’t in the first four, was going to be either Seivert or Byron, whichever one came my way. I feel like these two are really at the top of their game, and if I had to choose a favorite to win the whole thing, it’s DSSWC.

Round 2:

Marx picks Austin Lanham
Jeremy picks Mark Pimentel
Jordon picks Peter Rusch
Healy picks Ron Hamilton
Seth picks Goliath
Gillooly picks Dan Range
Gabe picks Zack Gilkinson
Sonny picks Kris Fraser
Travis picks Sean Foster
Ryan picks Thomas Reap
Mike picks Matt O’Niel

My reasoning for going with Big Mark was obvious, he and Peter have a solid track record and I can’t see them not making yet another deep run on Day 3. Jordon taking Peter right after my supports that claim. Most of this round included picking up the partners from round 1 picks that were still available. Mike went with the choose yourself route pretty early on, using his second pick to grab his Series partner, suggesting that his third pick would be himself. You’ve got to be careful betting on yourself!

Round 3:

Mike picks Mike Vit
Ryan picks Joey Moler
Travis picks Brian Netwig
Sonny picks Mike Wan
Gabe picks Chris Gravel
Gillooly picks Jason Chichester
Seth picks Ross Hampton
Healy picks Ricky Shep
Jordon picks Johnny Fourdyce
Jeremy picks Gary Krawchuck
Marx picks Solomon Hall

Whoops, someone didn’t do their research. Though picking Twig in round 3 would typically be a no brainer, most of us knew he wasn’t making the trip to Vegas this year, so unfortunately Travis bit the bullet on that one. I picked up the other half of Gossip Girl after Sonny grabbed Mike Wan. I had hoped that Ross Hampton would slip to me at the tail end of the third, but Seth saw him shoot recently in Louisiana, so wasn’t about to let him get that far down. Marx stuck with the home team in snagging Sol, though I’m not sure how much the AZ love will hold out for him.

Round 4:

Marx picks Jordon LeJeune
Jeremy picks Kenny Jennings
Jordon picks Seth Beglis
Healy picks Travis Carl
Seth picks Nate Cunningham
Gillooly picks Vance Anzaldua
Gabe picks Paul Toland
Sonny picks Sonny Amparan
Travis picks James Riebl
Ryan picks Paul Bashaw
Mike picks Ryan McAllister

Ok, I could easily have taken Paul Bashaw here and hope people didn’t know he was playing with Kenny, but I felt like I’d rather ensure I had the loveable Jennings on my roster instead. Jordon picked up his partner Seth, allowing for a little self control, as did Sonny in picking himself.

Round 5:

Mike picks Joe Giamarrino
Ryan picks Kyle Larson
Travis picks Jeremy P.
Sonny picks David Glaser
Gabe picks Matt White
Gillooly picks Arnold Colella
Seth picks Chuck Gerber
Healy picks Dane Ellis
Jordon picks Lenny O’Rourke
Jeremy picks Mitch Leighton
Marx picks Edan Hemphill

I have to say of the ABQ players, I’m a little surprised I was taken before Glaser, but I’ll have to do well now not to let down Travis. Sonny is hoping to double dip on his own performance this year, having drafted both himself and his partner. Marx picking Edan at the end of the round took some by surprise, just because of his relative obscurity.

Round 6:

Marx picks Josh Bird
Jeremy picks Gabe Montoya
Jordon picks Jared Knieman
Healy picks Steve Soller
Seth picks Ricky Posada
Gillooly picks Deep C.
Gabe picks Dan “Wise” Smith
Sonny picks Brandon Herbert
Travis picks Joe Rica
Ryan picks Chris Gracia
Mike picks Jason Davenport

I had to take just a bit of control over my own fate here, and since Travis had already picked me up, I took Gabe because I didn’t think he would slip another round. Another fantasy faux pas occurred with Gillooly picking Deep, even though Deep wasn’t able to secure a partner this year and so won’t be going to Vegas. This round saw the first of the sleeper picks being made, with no obvious choices left.

Round 7:

Mike picks Tim Power
Ryan picks Justin Spurrier
Travis picks Corey Bareford
Sonny picks Grady Hunt
Gabe picks Chris Boyce
Gillooly picks Sven Eberson
Seth picks Jarrod “Tiny” Birmginham
Healy picks Louis Mantone
Jordon picks Chris Kingsbury
Jeremy picks Matt Mooney
Marx picks Shane Grove

My choice here was really between putting all my eggs in one basket with Trevor Banks and Blake Foreman, or hedge my bets by taking Mooney. I didn’t want to completely rely on one team for my last two picks, so I went with the split and took Mooney.

Round 8:

Marx picks Casey Costa
Jeremy picks Blake Foreman
Jordon picks Trevor Banks
Healy picks Steve Healy
Seth picks Blain Sonnier
Gillooly picks Ian Hays
Gabe picks Mike Donelly
Sonny picks Joseph Lyle
Travis picks David Kozlowski
Ryan picks Branden Moyle
Mike picks Wes Rodgers

I followed through with my strategy last round, and took Blake Foreman. Gillooly made an interesting choice, and I say that because I just completely forgot about the Clovis stud. Travis chose to finish his picks by keeping it in the family.

Final Rosters – Fantasy Beer Pong Draft

Mike Vit

  • Mike Pop
  • Matt O’Niel
  • Mike Vit
  • Ryan McAllister
  • Joe Giamarrino
  • Jason Davenport
  • Tim Power
  • Wes Rodgers
  • Ryan De HoopRyan De Hoop

Ryan De Hoop

  1. Kevin Kessler
  2. Thomas Reap
  3. Joey Moler
  4. Paul Bashaw
  5. Kyle Larson
  6. Chris Gracia
  7. Justin Spurrier
  8. Branden Moyle

Travis Kozlowski

  1. Jon Basille
  2. Sean Foster
  3. Brian Netwig
  4. James Riebl
  5. Jeremy Peckens
  6. Joe Rica
  7. Corey Bareford
  8. David Kozlowski

Sonny Amparan

  1. Nick Syrigos
  2. Kris Fraser
  3. Mike Wan
  4. Sonny Amparan
  5. David Glaser
  6. Brandon Herbert
  7. Grady Hunt
  8. Joseph Lyle

Gabe Montoya

  1. Vince Catizone
  2. Zack Gilkinson
  3. Chris Gravel
  4. Paul Toland
  5. Matt White
  6. Dan “Wise” Smith
  7. Chris Boyce
  8. Mike Donnelly

Chris Gillooly

  1. Mike Seivert
  2. Dan Range
  3. Jason Chichester
  4. Vance Anzaldua
  5. Arnold Colella
  6. Deep Chakrabarty
  7. Sven Eberson
  8. Ian Hays

Seth Beglis

  1. Brandon Marx
  2. Dan Altizio (Goliath)
  3. Ross Hampton
  4. Nate Cunningham
  5. Chuck Gerber
  6. Ricky Posada
  7. Jarrod “Tiny” Birmingham
  8. Blain Sonnier

Steve Healy

  1. Jordan McAllister
  2. Ron Hamilton
  3. Rick Shepard
  4. Travis Carl
  5. Dane Ellis
  6. Steve Soller
  7. Louis Mantone
  8. Steve Healy

Jordon LeJeune

  1. Andy Decaluwe
  2. Peter Rusch
  3. Johnny Fourdyce
  4. Seth Beglis
  5. Lenny O’Rourke
  6. Jared Knieman
  7. Chris Kingsbury
  8. Trevor Banks

Jeremy Peckens

  1. Byron Findley
  2. Mark Pimentel
  3. Gary Krawchuck
  4. Kenny Jennings
  5. Mitch Leighton
  6. Gabe Montoya
  7. Matt Mooney
  8. Blake Foreman

Brandon Marx

  1. Zack Luckey
  2. Austin Lanham
  3. Solomon Hall
  4. Jordon LeJeune
  5. Edan Hemphill
  6. Josh Bird
  7. Shane Grove
  8. Casey Costa

All in all I was pretty happy with my team. In my opinion Jordon and Gabe ended up with the best teams, but as we all know anything can happen at the Series. After posting the results on facebook, interest in fantasy beer pong drafts exploded as several leagues were announced.  Next year don’t be surprised to see dozens of money leagues going into the Series.

– Clawless

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